Registered Manager's Network 2019-2020

And this very popular Network for registered managers enters its 6th year! Words from the network’s organiser below and you can download the flyer here.

Spread the word! Click here to register your interest. If you want to talk to someone before you register then Email Mik Alban  or Tel:  07788 498909

“We will be continuing our popular Registered Managers’ Network sessions with the next three sessions focusing on:

  1. Managing investigations

  2. Managing performance

  3. Managing families and expectations.

In addition we will also:

  1. keep the CQC theme … each session will have a slot where participants can provide updates and discuss their experience of recent CQC inspections.

  2. provide pertinent updates … starting with the Liberty Protection Safeguards.

  3. continue with sharing ideas and good practice. This seems to be appreciated so we will keep it as a theme that runs throughout all the sessions.

  4. provide the opportunity for participants to raise issues that are affecting them. A sort of ‘problem shared is a problem halved’ slot.

  5. focus on the creation (and sharing) of mini training sessions that participants can adapt for their own workplaces.

 Plenty of good stuff for everyone”.

Conference 2019 Workshops: 2, Technology Supporting Logistics

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Many organisations are refocusing to put technology at the heart of their strategies because it can help relieve the administrative burden that care providers face and can help them to compete more effectively in the market.

Managing a complex network of stakeholders is one of the biggest problems facing adult social care and it is this area of managing the logistics of staff , clients, suppliers and other stakeholders, that these two workshops address.

Adopting technological solutions can help to integrate systems and stop people working in silos.

And it isn’t just care providers adopting technology to smoothe and facilitate logistics, we are told that many local authorities are using cutting edge technology, often designed to specific needs but quite often just adopting simple digital solutions.

The first workshop, the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Bed Tracker System, presented by Harriet Soderberg demonstrates one example where the local authority is using web based technology to support the process of finding beds for clients with care needs. Adopting a system already in use elsewhere the Bristol and South Gloucestershire project can be implemented relatively quickly and will enable SG care homes to share live bed vacancies. At the same time it enables discharge and brokerage teams to quickly search for vacancies, and there are plans for it to be open to self-funders in future, supporting care provider marketing needs..

Thus at the same time it makes the process of finding a care home placement as easy as possible. and it provides Care Homes with a ‘shop window’ to share available beds as well as other information about the home. It’s free and easy to use, once you have registered, you will be part of a rapidly expanding network of care homes across the country utilising the Capacity Tracker – already more than 6,000 homes are on board.

The workshop will be an opportunity to ask questions about the Capacity Tracker and how it interfaces or compares with other systems in use across the region; you can also learn more about how to register and use the product.

The second workshop, Roster Planning Software, presented by Lee Truman of CarePlanner, looks at examples of technology that integrate processes of managing clients and staff to deliver domiciliary care, such that call scheduling, staff rostering, time sheets and invoicing can all be managed from within one system. Lee will be able to demonstrate how integrated systems such as Care Planner can deliver service process and administrative improvements at reduced cost. Other similar technology is available too as well as technology to support residential settings. You will be able to ask about the costs of this sort of software and implementation issues you would need to consider.

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Event NewsBarbara Harris
Conference 2019 Workshops: 1, Legality & Compliance

Our Conference focus this year is technology in care, an absolutely critical subject at a time when there is pressure to continually improve performance with less resources. There are many applications available to care providers covering a wide array of processes and subject areas, it’s difficult to know what is out there and it’s difficult to choose what you want or indeed what you need and what will deliver maximum benefit and return on investment.

Whatever technology you decide to adopt, it is important that the organisation is ready to move to digital processes; you need to consider the following questions:

  • Are your staff digitally competent?

  • Is the organisation ‘change management’ competent with a comprehensive project plan and effective project management skills?

  • Does your organisation have the appropriate knowledge of the legal framework underpinning data management, change management and employment law?

The conference helps you to address these questions in smaller workshop sessions giving you the opportunity to listen and ask questions.

One of the Session 2 workshops is by Royds Withy King solicitors James Sage and Nicola Radcliffe. James and Nicola will be looking at the evolution of technology in the care sector from a legal perspective.  The workshop will focus on the future care workforce and the impact of technology on operations, regulation and safeguarding. 

 As at the date of the conference, we may or may not have left the EU.  However, assuming that Brexit, of some sorts, is still the future then the social care workforce crisis will remain a key issue for providers. James will consider whether technology can help tackle the care sector workforce challenges, the employment law and other implications of increased use of technology in care, and how to strike the right balance between the use of technology and the need for human touch. 

 He will also be considering where technology can assist with care work and how tech v touch is being implemented in social and healthcare settings at home and abroad. 

 Nicola will be exploring the interaction between technology and regulation, and what legal issues arise from some of the technological solutions that are emerging in to the health and social care market.  CQC might not be ready for a tech revolution but they expect providers to innovate in order to demonstrate outstanding practice, so how do you manage this in practice and what pitfalls do you need to be aware of?

Another workshop provided by Paul Kaye of QuiqSolutions is looking at the sort of technology available to support the critical processes surrounding compliance and quality assurance processes. Paul will be showing you

  • the technology being used by many commissioners to automate contract monitoring;

  • how technology can help to reduce dramatically the mountains of paper that compliance can generate, as well as provide digital audits and surveys.

  • The workshop will also cover technology to benchmark your service against CQC standards and improve your rating.

We look forward to seeing you on 15th May at Ashton Gate. Come prepared to ask essential questions about support available to you in adopting technology and how best to implement technology projects.

You can reserve your place at the conference here:

Barbara Harris
Safeguarding Adults: Results from SCAMS audit

Earlier this year, SG adult safeguarding conducted an audit of how multi agency working handled the case of 4 adults who had experienced scamming.

As the Board Rep on the South Gloucestershire Council Safeguarding Adults Board for the Care Home Provider Forum Sam Hawker (Able Care Homes) and board member of C&SW has asked us to share the attached audit results concerning scams. 

 The download of the results of the audit can be found here; some of the case studies were quite shocking to hear, including the issue of ‘Romance Scams’. 

If you have any concerns at all involving clients in your care please report in the normal way to the CSO Desk.  Additional helpful information can be found at  Providers outside of the South Gloucestershire area can contact their local safeguarding team and signpost to local Trading Standards.

Post Flue Season Survey from BNSSG

C&SW have been asked to help circulate this information as widely as possible in the region, pleaase see letter below:

Dear colleagues

Please find links below for letters from South Gloucestershire Public Health and Healthwatch colleagues inviting you to take part in a Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) post flu season survey for domiciliary care providers and care homes, reporting on staff vaccination uptake for 2018/19. The surveys, also provide the opportunity for more general feedback on materials and support offered during the flu season.

Surveys can be completed on line :  

Survey for domiciliary care providers:

Survey for care homes:

 For providers returning surveys on behalf of more than one organisation, please use the links below to access spreadsheets to complete your return.

Care Home Spreadsheet; Domiciliary Care Spreadsheet

This can be submitted through the survey (Select Yes for Q1), on the next page of the survey you will be able to upload your completed spreadsheet into the web survey form to submit (Q2).

 The survey will close on Sunday 28th April.

 Thank you for your response.


 Amy Thacker

Emergency Planning and Health Protection Officer; Public Health and Wellbeing Division; South Gloucestershire Council;  

Office base: South Gloucestershire Council Offices; Badminton Road; Yate, BS37 5AF

Important Training from BNSSG CEPN

As part of our aim to support integration of health and social care, C&SW are helping to promote these training course which are aimed at people in the care sector as well as primary care.

The full list of upcoming events can be found here and includes a Nursing Conference which will be of interest to nurses in the sector. This will be on Friday 10th May at the Bristol Golf Club.

BTW, the Domiciliary Care Training has been designed and is being delivered by C&SW member Jane Redman.

Please use the following contact details to find out more or apply to these courses:

Upcoming Events and Programmes:

Please note: unless stated otherwise, our non--attendance isattendance policy is generally to charge if you cancel within three weeks of an event or simply fail to attend.

Domiciliary Care training: This programme will deliver ‘Human Factors’ training, whilst also (re)familiarising home care providers with the SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendations) communication tool. Two more full-day workshops will be held, as follows:
 Wednesday, 27 February at The Batch, 8a Park Road, Warmley, Bristol, BS30 8EB (nearly full).
 Tuesday, 19 March at Locality Health Centre, 68 Lonsdale Av., Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, BS23 3SJ.

End-of-Life Care study days: This multidisciplinary training will teach GPs, nurses, ANPs, paramedics, and other non-medical clinicians from across BNSSG how to respond confidently and competently to patients and families during the end stages of life. Hospices and Helen Eddison, AHSN’s ReSPECT Project Leader will contribute to this course.
Attendees must be able to attend a full-day session on Wednesday, 22 May, and a half-day catch-up ses-sion (the date is being finalised).
Both sessions will be held at: Engineers’ House, Clifton Down, Avon, Bristol, BS6 3NB.

Stroke Prevention and Diabetes Management study day: BNSSG CEPN has organised a Stroke Prevention and Diabetes Management study day, to be held for HCAs on Wednesday, 5 June. This full-day session will help non-registered clinicians to contribute to the treatment and management of these long-term conditions, as opposed to teaching them how to handle them wholly independently.

Falls, Frailty, and Dementia study day: BNSSG CEPN has also arranged for a Falls, Frailty, and Dementia study day, aimed at HCAs and to take place on Wednesday, 17 July. This will aid non-registered clinicians with contributing to the treatment and management of these long-term conditions, rather than teaching them how to address them alone.

Barbara Harris
Triumphs for C&SW member Able Care at GBCA Event

AbleCare Homes would like to congratulate to all of their finalists at The Great British Care Awards South West Region who attended a fabulous awards evening at Ashton Gate on 16 November 2018. The finalists were:
AbleCare Homes - Care Employer
Teresa Silverthorne - Registered Manager
Ellie Holloway - Frontline Worker
Amelia Brooks - Care Newcomer
Alex Follett - Care Newcomer
James Taylor - Frontline Leader
Jayne Bowman - Care Trainer
Leanne Thorne - Putting People First
The Crossley House Team
The Frenchay House Team

Extra special congratulations go to Alex Follett who works as an apprentice at Frenchay House.  After winning the Care Apprentice Award at the C&SW event in October she has gone on to win the Care Newcomer Award for the South West. Alex wasn’t able to make it to collect her trophy in person and so it was picked up by her Manager, Leanne. Next step - The National Finals!! 

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed a lively evening which featured a special appearance from former X Factor star, Chico with singing, dancing and photo opportunities galore.

AbleCare Homes Director, Sam Hawker, says ‘It goes to show what a great team we have with so many being selected in the top of the South West for providing such good care.   I am very proud of them all.’

Making the Most of Community Links

At our General Meeting in November, looking at Community Links, Winash shared a project they were pursuing in Clevedon, North Somerset alongside Wyldwood Arts (met at an earlier C&SW General Meeting).

They discovered last January that they had been awarded nearly £10,000 from the Big Lottery Fund for an intergenerational Arts project called “Communi-tree”

By November they have set up weekly intergenerational sessions with many local groups:

  • Rydal Nursery

  • YMCA

  • Ravenswood Special School

  • St Nicholas Chantry School

  • Brownies

  • 1st Clevedon Beavers

  • 2nd Clevedon Beavers

  • Rock 11 Clevedon

At the end of November they had a Bring & Share Supper and Presentation evening with live music and friendship inviting everyone who had participated along with their families.

The impacts and benefits definitely go two ways. One initiative involved 6 children from St nicholas Chantry finding penpals amongst the residents and writing to them. Henry who doesn’t have an older grandparent appears to have adopted his pen pal as a substitute and he and his Dad visit twice a month.

The manager at Winash, Heather House, comments that a real highlight has been watching the interactions and listening to the conversations “It has been an amazing journey, with the coming together the highlight, the conversations triggered, the smiles on faces, the chats that followed about the session, the improved well being by introducing children regularly into Winash, and having fun times together”

Training for LD / Autism

Two courses being offered for people working with clients with learning difficulties and autism.

Reducing Restrictive Practices (download flyer)

Working together: Improving lives for people with a learning disability or autism who have or may offend (download flyer)

Reducing Restrictive Practices: Training from Avon and Wiltshire Positive Behaviour Support Network, For people who support individuals with a learning disability who have challenging behaviour 8th February 2019

Updated Guidance, Facilitated by Tracy Cox and Wendy Wright,  University of the West of England, Glenside Campus, Blackberry Hill, Stapleton, Bristol, BS16 1DD. Map

Room number:  1C02 ;  Time: 9.30-12.00 (inclusive of 30-minute coffee break/network); Free car park available with parking permit from reception on arrival;

This is a free event - to book a place email: or

For more information about the network visit: ; Find us on Facebook, or contact Alan Nuttall 0117 9709388

Working together: Improving lives for people with a learning disability or autism who have or may offend

Come and meet with organisations from across the South West of England who work with people who have a learning disability or autism or both, and who have offended or are at risk of offending.   At our interactive event, you will learn more about the processes and responsibilities of different agencies, hear about what works and examples of best practice, and take part in discussions around some of the challenges of delivering good support to people at risk of entering the Criminal Justice system.

  • How do we identify barriers, share perceptions of risk and overcome the concerns in order to support people out of hospital or prison?

  • What are the frameworks for discharge or release, and who is responsible for what?

  • How can we support people with learning disabilities and/or autism who have committed offences stay in or move back into communities in ways that are safe for them and others?

This event is for Care Provider Organisations who support people with a learning disability and, or autism. It is jointly hosted and supported by Skills for Care, the Local Government Association and NHS England - Transforming Care support programme

Date: 27th February 2019; Time: 10.00am to 15.30pm; Venue: Taunton

Please book you place using the booking link :

Compliance with Biocidal Products and Crib5 Fire regulations

New Commercial Partner ‘Select Agencies’ specialise in beds, mattresses. upholstery and cabinets.

They offer exceptional beds that are guaranteed to comply with biocidal regulations and fire regulations as well as offering a very comfortable night’s sleep for the elderly, the infirm, and those with allergies. Their investigations indicate that local companies purchase from local bed retailers, often with an urgent ‘must have delivery today’ scenarios, but products often do not meet the requirements of Crib 5, nor the biocidal regulations.

The key elements of their Staingard & Sanitized range are:

·         Developed by Protected Mattresses & Beds Ltd’, these are unique to the UK market and have taken over two years to develop

·         Each mattress/bed set comes with a 5-year Care Plan/Warranty and a proper cotton ‘Mattressgard’ mattress protector, not a simple piece of cotton fabric purporting to be a mattress protector.

  • Our Staingard treatment provides a ‘bonded’ and permanent treatment preventing staining from materials such as blood, urine, bodily fluids, wine, coffee etc.

  • Our Sanitized treatment (formulation TH 27-24) meets all of the current Biocidal Product Regulations and  is certified by Allergy UK  to prevent

    • Dust Mites and therefore dust mite allergens,

    • Odour and Mould and

    • Effective against E.coli and MRSA and

  • All the Polyester and Natural mattresses/beds come with a Crib 5/Contract fire certificate rating, providing suitability for Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Sheltered Housing and Housing Associations , Retirement Complexes.

 In addition, Select Agencies offer the protection of  Staingard, the UK’s leading stain treatment company with circa 1.8 million UK customers:

·         Should one of your customers have a perceived stain, that they cannot clean with clear water and a cotton cloth they can contact Staingard who will send one of their Homecare technicians to industrially remove any stain.

·         Should the Homecare technician be unable to remove the offending stain, then they will sanction and organise a ‘free’ (same specification) mattress replacement via yourselves and Shakespeare Beds.

 Contact for further information.

Simon Rexworthy FInstSMM

Barbara Harris
UKHCA Assessment of Home Care Costs

The cost of delivering homecare from April 2018 increases with new rates of the National Minimum Wage and employers’ minimum contribution to workplace pensions.

UKHCA has published the latest update to our authoritative “Minimum Price for Homecare”, with a new figure of £18.93 per hour from April 2019.

This will allow for full compliance with the National Minimum Wage and the delivery of sustainable homecare services to local authorities in Great Britain, the NHS and the health and social care trusts in Northern Ireland.

Equivalent figures for the Scottish Living Wage, the UK Living Wage and the London Living Wage are also included.

UKHCA’s Policy Director, Colin Angel, said:

"It is essential that a viable regulated homecare sector is available to support the care of older and disabled people who choose to remain at home. The prices councils pay for care must cover the costs of the workforce, including - as a minimum - full-compliance with statutory minimum wage levels and the costs of running a regulated care service. Providers to the statutory sector are operating in fragile market where underfunding homecare is leading to market failure and withdrawal.

A copy of “A Minimum Price for Homecare, Version 6.0” can be downloaded from the UKHCA website. 

UKHCA Policy and Campaigns Team

Supporting Essential Training from BNSSG CEPN

Care & Support West work hard to build relationships with key players in the sector. We have been wworking with the recently formed BNSSG, the joint commissioning unit for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. They will be listing their programmes on the Care & Support West Training Portal

In the meantime here are three programmes which offer essential training for people working in the community and in Care Homes.




CITATION: Essential Information, Brexit and Beyond

Braced for Brexit? Here's the roadmap you need...

From myth busting to practical downloads to help you action changes, our Brexit hub will help you navigate your businesses way through Brexit over the next few months:


Five innovative ways to communicate your 2019 strategy to your team

How do you get your team to be as enthusiastic about this year's plans as you are? Read our 5 easy-to-achieve ways to effectively communicate your strategy to the whole team:



45 things you need to know about fire

Did you know all these things about fire? Read up - we can almost guarantee there will be something new for you to learn:


On the road in the cold: safety tips for employees

Whether it’s for their commute or part of their job, if your employees are on the road you should be communicating certain safety practices. Watch our short video to find out more:



Employee fatalities: how to handle the unthinkable

We've taken a step-by-step look at what you need to do - and when - if you find yourself facing an employee fatality.



Banter: what do you do when it goes too far?

The word 'banter' is thrown about a lot these days, but one person's banter can be another person's bullying. Here's what to do if the line is crossed.


 If there’s something you need which is not provided above, just let me know. We’re always happy to help where we can.

Offers from Altura Learning

ALTURA Learning is the new name for ACC, Commercial Partners of some standing. They offer a fantastic range of on-line film based training videos all based in real care environments, and have recently launched their new Bridge learning platform.

To find out more about about how Bridge from Altura can help your organisation and to book a free demonstration, please click here.

The new Altura Learning 2019 Course Schedule  is now available.  It’s also at this time of year that we say goodbye to some Retired Courses.  

We are also pleased to share with you our NEW Digital Library that will replace our annual printed posters.

 So…How does it work? Well, it’s very simple & intuitive! You can now view and print our catalogue directly from here:

  • Step 1: Select your country, library type and start the search.

  • Step 2: The entire course library list is populated. From here, you can click on the upcoming courses tab to get the 2019 course schedule or use the search functionality and filters if you are after a specific course(s). To print your selection, simply use the printer icon.

  • Step 3: Click on a course to get more information and watch the trailer.

Here is some information about new courses on offer

A recently filmed addition to the portfolio is ‘Confidentiality and Information Handling’. This has been filmed across 3 streams, Residential, Home Care and Disability. The residential part of the film was filmed at Lyndon House, St Alban’s, home of the Salvation Army, an NCF member and a valuable member of the Altura Learning community.

A popular and very useful course is Preparing for an Inspection’, supported by Jill Timms, Care Consultant in Oxfordshire, who offers guidance to anyone needing help with preparation for CQC / LA Inspections.
A qualified Nurse, Jill became a successful Manager of an Oxfordshire Nursing Home for many years, progressing to Area Manager for that Care Home Group; Peverel Court Care. Whilst still working at Peverel Court Care, Jill decided she needed a new challenge, so set up a consultancy: “Helping Manager’s Manage”.

Jill developed her consultancy, mainly around the subjects of CQC Hot Topics of Inspection, Preparation for Inspections and Quality Monitoring, with the development of a Quality Monitoring Toolkit.

Jill has provided some handy ‘top tips’ that you can ‘cut out and keep’ when preparing for an inspection, helping you and your teams take out the pressure of preparing for an inspection.

Click here to view the tips online and to watch Altura’s free video on preparing for an inspection. 

 To find out more about how Jill Timms Consultancy can help you and your care home, please visit - or email

 For more information on how you can prepare for your inspection, please click here.

To find out more information about Altura Learning, please visit our website or email us at

Power Direct: Energy Saving Basket

The power of collective buying: Can your business benefit from an energy buying basket?

An energy buying basket is when a collective of businesses group together to purchase their energy. The collective can be comprised of businesses of any size from any industry who want to leverage economies of scale to gain more competitive energy prices.

Power Direct Ltd has been successfully running energy buying baskets since 2017, and customers are benefitting in many ways.

Buying basket benefits

·         Save time

The huge number of suppliers in the market and the variety of contracts available can make the presentation of the future costs of your energy difficult to compare.

Our basket process means we search the market for the best prices and present them in a standardised format, allowing for a clear comparison.

It can also be time consuming completing all the paperwork that goes with a new energy contract. Due to the large number of people involved in the basket purchasing, we take care of the contract paperwork on participants’ behalf, removing one more hassle.


·         Save money

Basket prices are usually more competitive than prices for individual sites, because they are based on the group’s collective consumption, and suppliers compete to win the business of the group’s overall consumption. However, all participants’ sites will be priced individually during the week before the basket close date, and these prices will be communicated on the close day. This means that the best individual price for your site(s) will be compared to the basket price, allowing you to make a comparison and an informed decision on the best way forward for your business. We will only place you in contracts that we believe are in your favour. Therefore, if the price isn’t advantageous on the day, we will make a recommendation of an alternative price where possible, or we’ll advise you to wait to secure your next contract.


·         Seamless and hassle free

Businesses that have multiple sites can include all of them within the basket purchase, meaning a single contract, single renewal date and single point of contact across your business, making it easier to manage.


·         Peace of mind

Prices will be fully fixed and inclusive for two years, giving budget certainty. In a volatile market with highly fluctuating prices and Brexit uncertainty, you can be confident that your energy prices will remain stable.

The Power Direct Ltd electricity and gas baskets are open now to any business with a contract end date on or before 30.09.2020.

For more information about the buying basket process, see About our buying basket. And if you would like to explore whether you could gain from the power of group buying, or for anything else to do with your energy, call one of our friendly energy experts today on 0333 1234 313.

Barbara Harris
The CQC Portal and PIR: voice your concerns

As members of the Care Association Alliance, we can bring you information about the recent Adult Social Care Trade Association meeting with Ian Trenholm, the new CQC Chief executive: Notes here ; discussion points below.

The next meeting will discuss the unreliability of the CQC portal and challenges with the PIR document. If you have concerns. then please send them to us using the form below:

Discussions included: 
# good data management is a key indicator of good leadership and management;
# making CQC and easier organisation to do business with
# CQC role of market oversight  

Name *
Provider Engagement from CQC

At the end of January CQC will be launching their Annual Provider Survey. This will go out to approximately 70% of providers as a web survey with all responses being anonymous. This year we will be adding a series of additional questions we’d like to get your views on before finalising the survey.

They would find it very helpful if you could spare the time to complete this short survey and are ideally looking for views by the 21st January.