Nurseline is a mental health nursing agency like no other. We’re a family and we make it personal, by matching our highly-experienced pool of clinicians with the exact needs of our clients and service users, often at a moment’s notice. We’re a community of dedicated and passionate individuals who are driven to make a difference using our expert knowledge and commitment. We all have the same goal in mind: to deliver safe, quality care for those most in need.

We’re dedicated to our staff, clients and service users’ wellbeing by personalising care and our values focus on family, honesty and quality. Our work doesn’t just affect us, our actions extend to everybody we’re involved with – from clinicians through to patients, we’re committed to providing an outstanding service that people can rely on and trust.

Whether you’re a large mental health organisation, an independent care home or perhaps a general hospital, we specialise in mental health, learning disabilities and dementia care and can provide experienced and driven clinicians to help your service and patients receive the utmost support they deserve.

Contact: Shannon Kovacs


Tel: 0845 894 2264 


Ash House, Fountain Court, New Leaze, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 4LA


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