MARR Procurement

Procurement specialist in the Social Care Sector

Helping care providers to reduce costs: For more information contact Christoph Marr 

01206 382888. 

“I have worked in the UK care sector for a little over 45 years and never before have I seen the kind of cost pressures that care operators are facing today;  for example, downward pressure on fee income and rising operating costs like the living wage, temporary labour agency costs and now Brexit-related inflationary pressures.  Marr Procurement is like a breath of fresh air in that before I joined the team everyone I talked to said what they liked about them was that not only do they produce outstanding results but they are also open, honest and nice people to work with.  At at time when the UK care sector is facing real financial difficulties, if there is one organisation that can help to reduce operating costs without compromising on quality or care, it’s Marr Procurement."  Sir William Wells, Chairman, Marr Procurement

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