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help us to celebrate great care!

a nomination makes someone feel great and proud of what they do.

If you receive care, either you or your family can nominate your carer(s) or the organisation they work for.

If you work in care you can nominate your colleagues, your manager, your team, your organisation. If you feel they are doing an exceptional job then let us know; help us to celebrate the great care that is done day in day out!

If you are a Care Provider, please help us to promote these 2019 C&SW Care Awards by publicising them to your service users and your staff. You can download our poster here. Remember, nominations are a great way to show recognition to your staff and to promote morale and staff retention! You can also add our banner to your e-mail signatures so that you spread the word whenever you e-mail staff, professional colleagues or families

To nominate you have to

1.      The Closing Date for entries is 31st March 2019; judging will be in April. Finalists and their nominators will be informed by the end of May. The Awards Dinner in is in October, either 5th or 12th and will be in the Ashton Gate Football stadium.

2.      You can nominate individuals, teams or organisations.

3.      Make sure that the contact details for both yourself and your nominee are completed.

4.      Make sure that you have ticked the Award Category you are nominating for.

5.      Write your Statement: This explains why you think your nominee should get the Award.

a. The judges use this to assess the nomination, you must highlight clearly why your nominee is special.

b.      Check the Judging Criteria (included) and use this to write your statement and help you to make your nominee stand out for the judges.

c.      In writing your statement, please help the judges to make fair assessments by keeping to these few important rules:

·         Don’t include logos,

·         Don’t include links to any material on websites, social media sites or pdfs. Any substantive comments or material must be incorporated into the statement.

·         Don’t send separate image files; you can incorporate any pictures into your statement.

·         Keep the statement word count under 1000 words.

·         If you wish to incorporate supporting statements from clients, family or colleagues, please make sure that these are clearly labelled with your name and the nominee’s name and E-mail them to

Name *
Your Name
My relationship with the nominee *
This helps us to understand the context of the nomination
Category of Award I want to nominate them for *
It is really important that you choose the right category, there are 3 groups of awards: Front line staff; managers or organisations.
If your nominee is not employed by a care home or home care agency, please leave this blank but give us contact details of the nominee instead
These contact details are not mandatory, but please make sure that we can contact your nominee if we need to!
This is what the judges will use to assess the nomination. It is important that you highlight reasons why your nominee is special! Please check the Judging criteria and consider these 3 key headings: 1. I have nominated this person because: 2. The nominee makes life better for me and my family or my team because: 3. These are EXAMPLES of things that ny nominee does to illustrate this