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Access Workforce Development Fund via C&SW

We have exciting news for members and the local care community! 

‘Care & Support West’ has been successful in their application to ‘Skills for Care’, to manage the WDF Partnership for the South West.  To include the areas of Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset; and open to members and non members.

This means, Care & Support West can now assist you in obtaining funding towards staff development via WDF.  Karen Holley (Contact details below); is engaged on the contract and it’s her job to help you to access the funds.

This is a fantastic opportunity to train your staff and for your staff to achieve, good qualifications and obtain better knowledge for improved delivery in the Health Care Sector.   Great news for your residents, staff and you! 

How does this work?

  • First you have to register with a WDF Partnership.  (Karen will assist you in doing so)

  • Start thinking and planning which staff and qualifications will enhance your business.  Skills for Care have published a whole list of qualifications which you can claim funding towards. (see link below for details) Please note: there are exam board stipulation!

  • Make sure you have completed your Adult Social Care (ASD) Workforce Data Set originally known as the NMDS. (Due to re-open on the 5th Aug 2019)

  • Engage with a Learner to take your candidate through the qualification (again see the link below for more info on Learners)

  • Ensure your candidate finishes the course and obtains a certificate -

  • Apply for the funding.  (Karen can help you apply)

Why not contact Karen by either completing THIS FORM or use the contact details below if you want to talk to her. Please be aware though, there are time restraints and limited funding available, so the sooner you act the better the result.

See Skills for Care link for more information.

Please note – this fund is available to members and Non-members of C & SW.  Do you know of any owner who would be interested to know about C & SW and the WDF?

Karen Holley email:

Tel: 07540 458

*picture from Skills for Care website

Supporting Essential Training from BNSSG CEPN

Care & Support West work hard to build relationships with key players in the sector. We have been wworking with the recently formed BNSSG, the joint commissioning unit for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. They will be listing their programmes on the Care & Support West Training Portal

In the meantime here are three programmes which offer essential training for people working in the community and in Care Homes.




Offers from Altura Learning

ALTURA Learning is the new name for ACC, Commercial Partners of some standing. They offer a fantastic range of on-line film based training videos all based in real care environments, and have recently launched their new Bridge learning platform.

To find out more about about how Bridge from Altura can help your organisation and to book a free demonstration, please click here.

The new Altura Learning 2019 Course Schedule  is now available.  It’s also at this time of year that we say goodbye to some Retired Courses.  

We are also pleased to share with you our NEW Digital Library that will replace our annual printed posters.

 So…How does it work? Well, it’s very simple & intuitive! You can now view and print our catalogue directly from here:

  • Step 1: Select your country, library type and start the search.

  • Step 2: The entire course library list is populated. From here, you can click on the upcoming courses tab to get the 2019 course schedule or use the search functionality and filters if you are after a specific course(s). To print your selection, simply use the printer icon.

  • Step 3: Click on a course to get more information and watch the trailer.

Here is some information about new courses on offer

A recently filmed addition to the portfolio is ‘Confidentiality and Information Handling’. This has been filmed across 3 streams, Residential, Home Care and Disability. The residential part of the film was filmed at Lyndon House, St Alban’s, home of the Salvation Army, an NCF member and a valuable member of the Altura Learning community.

A popular and very useful course is Preparing for an Inspection’, supported by Jill Timms, Care Consultant in Oxfordshire, who offers guidance to anyone needing help with preparation for CQC / LA Inspections.
A qualified Nurse, Jill became a successful Manager of an Oxfordshire Nursing Home for many years, progressing to Area Manager for that Care Home Group; Peverel Court Care. Whilst still working at Peverel Court Care, Jill decided she needed a new challenge, so set up a consultancy: “Helping Manager’s Manage”.

Jill developed her consultancy, mainly around the subjects of CQC Hot Topics of Inspection, Preparation for Inspections and Quality Monitoring, with the development of a Quality Monitoring Toolkit.

Jill has provided some handy ‘top tips’ that you can ‘cut out and keep’ when preparing for an inspection, helping you and your teams take out the pressure of preparing for an inspection.

Click here to view the tips online and to watch Altura’s free video on preparing for an inspection. 

 To find out more about how Jill Timms Consultancy can help you and your care home, please visit - or email

 For more information on how you can prepare for your inspection, please click here.

To find out more information about Altura Learning, please visit our website or email us at

Cabot Training is a new Commercial Partner

Cabot Training were delighted to join Care and Support South West as commercial partners this summer. Having worked with many organisations including Milestones Trust, Brandon Trust, Care Futures, Newkey, Aspects2 and many more, it was a natural choice to demonstrate to all members that we are more than a training company.

Cabot has a range of associates with a proven track record to grow your business and maximise the potential of your staff. In this Newsletter we get the opportunity to meet the team. For further information contact

Karen Brasier

Karen has experience of working in all of the above organisations and during this time has delivered both ILM Qualifications to hundreds of Senior Support workers and also a range of tailor made training days for managers. It is her belief to inspire individuals to believe in themselves and simply provide them with the confidence to do their job!

Her greatest love is to provide FISH Training! Training that can change mindset and develops a culture of can do  into the workplace.

Samantha Brooks

Sam was in the Army for over 17 years as an Educational and Training Officer. During her years of service, she was involved in the design, development, delivery and evaluation of numerous leadership and management training courses, as well being an experienced facilitator, specialising in the personal development of others. She has taught on numerous ILM courses, as well as general management and leadership, communication and functional skills, values and standards, cultural awareness and equality and diversity.

Paddy Maclennan

Paddy has over 17 years of experience as a human resources manager, after starting his career in sales and marketing. Before starting his own business he was the Head of Personnel, Welfare and Development with Stage Electrics Partnership in Bristol where he ensured the welfare and training of 270 staff

Running a business is highly rewarding but making sure your staff are looked after can take huge amounts of time. While there is no doubt your staff are a huge asset to your business, it’s important to remember that you are, too.

Mary Stoate

Mary worked in the NHS as a radiographer for over 23 years before becoming an independent Management Lecturer and Management and Training Consultant. She has worked in a variety of public and private organisations, designing and delivering ‘in-house’ and accredited programmes.

In addition to her Radiographic and teaching qualifications Mary has the Professional Diploma in Management: Managing Health and Social Care and an MBA

Frances Fawcett (MInstLM, FITOL)

After almost two decades with IT companies including Borland International, Canon (UK) and Microsoft Corporation, Frances spent several years providing marketing consultancy and global programme management to a variety of small and large companies. This included global management of a licensing programme for Microsoft Corporation

Frances is a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, and a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning.

Skills for Care pilot for new registered managers

 Skills for Care want to work with new registered managers as part of an exciting 12 month pilot starting in April 2018.

The value of specific support for individuals new to roles with a significant level of complexity and responsibility is recognised across a number of sectors and professions. The pilot will test a model of support for new registered managers based on a combination of Skills for Care’s resources and guidance; we see this model becoming part of our future offer to registered managers.

New managers participating in the pilot will be supported to develop their confidence, knowledge and skills over 12 months; every manager participating will also have the opportunity to engage with and learn from peers.

What does the pilot offer?

Participants will join a local cohort of new registered managers, who will follow a 12 month approach to developing their skills, improving their confidence and engaging with peers. Participants will:

§  Be paired with a mentor (who will be a more experienced registered manager); they will support you to explore issues, challenges or opportunities that you encounter at work

§  Become registered manager members of Skills for Care, for two years, with access to exclusive resources, monthly newsletters and discounts on products and services.

§  Attend three face-to-face events with other new managers and Skills for Care; tailored around their needs and interests.

§  Have access to a scheduled series of seven webinars on specific topics, relevant to their role; participants must join a minimum of four webinars.

§  Have opportunities to develop their reflective practice.

§  Complete a gap analysis against the Manager Induction Standards (MIS) and produce a personal development plan (PDP).

At the end of the pilot participants will have received structured support, increased their knowledge and established a solid base for their continued professional development (CPD).

Who can participate?

We are looking for people new to the registered manager role, who have been in post for 12 months or less at the point of applying to join the pilot.

Places on this pilot are being offered at no cost, however participants will be expected to commit to the full pilot and to take-part in scheduled evaluation activity.


   What else do I need to know?

§  We anticipate that participation in the pilot will involve managers being away from the office for a total of seven days over 12 months. Additionally, managers will be expected to join a minimum of four, 45 minute, desk-based webinars.

 §  We are asking senior managers / leaders or owners, with registered managers participating in the pilot, to take-part in scheduled evaluation activity to help us measure the impact and effectiveness of the pilot. We will ensure that you are given advance notice of this and that your involvement will not be time consuming or onerous.

What if I don’t have any new registered managers; can existing managers get involved in any way?

Yes – Skills for Care are looking for existing registered managers to mentor a new manager, participating in the pilot, and we are offering a free training day to managers who do this. 

How could my manager(s) benefit from agreeing to mentor a new manager?

§  Skills for Care are offering every manager who agrees to become a mentor the opportunity to complete a free one-day mentoring training course; this will help them develop the understanding and skills they need to be a mentor

§  at the end of the course they will be given copies of materials which they can use in your service

§  the skills they learn can be used in your organisation; and the process of mentoring can help them reflect on their own practice

§  as part of the inspection process the Care Quality Commission (CQC) look at how managers and providers engage with other services and the wider sector; mentoring another manager is one way to demonstrate this.

What does a manager need to do to get involved?

We are asking that every registered manager who wants to get involved, commits to:

§  attending the one-day mentoring training; this will be delivered in February / March 2018 and a date will be confirmed by December 2017

§  being paired with a new registered manager in April 2018, who they will mentor.

§  A short application form will be available from December 2017.

      What is mentoring?

 §  mentors use their knowledge, insight, perspective, wisdom or space to help their mentee to develop in their role

§  a mentor does not give their mentee the solution to an issue; they help that person explore, understand and resolve an issue, challenge or opportunity – the key to mentoring is helping the mentee learn from their experiences

§  mentoring is based on a professional and confidential relationship; built on trust and clear boundaries between the mentor and mentee

§  a mentoring relationship is temporary, not on-going; at the start of a mentoring relationship it is important to set an end-date and be clear how often the mentor and mentee will meet or speak

§  mentoring can be a face-to-face or telephone based activity.

 How to get involved?

If you have a manager or managers who wish to be involved in the pilot, either as a new manager or a mentor email for more information