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Power Direct: Complying with energy efficiency reporting

Power Direct are experts in the Power Supply business and they help organisations understand the complexities of the market. They talk her about the issues around Power Reporting:

SECR: Does your business need to comply with energy efficiency reporting?

Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR) was introduced in April 2019, in order to promote energy efficiency within businesses and reduce carbon emissions.

 The new framework introduces mandatory carbon and energy reporting for a larger number of businesses than ever before. However, industry estimates suggest that only around 30 per cent of qualifying business are aware of their obligations.

 Find out if you need to comply by reading our guide to SECR and if you are unsure, give us a call.

And adding a bit of more ‘domestic’ colour they have told us how they recently celebrated the workk anniversary of their first and longest serving employee:

Celebrating ten years of our longest-serving employee

We recently got together over a 10-shaped sausage roll to celebrate the work anniversary of our first and longest-serving employee! And Gill told us about her role as Compliance Manager.

Power Direct offer great savings on energy prices

About Our 2018 Energy Buying Basket

Our energy buying baskets are intended to help businesses that want the best available rates for their gas and/or electricity whilst being able to fix their prices for the length of the contract. Combining your purchasing power with others means that the prices will be better than if you purchase on your own.

Many energy buying baskets are sold on the basis that the energy will be bought on a ‘wholesale’ or ‘flexible’ basis. The energy buying basket at Power Direct is not like that. The term of your contract will be a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 24 months, depending on when your current contract ends, and your prices will be fixed for that period. All the options that we have negotiated include direct debit payments.

Clients who purchased their gas as part of our last basket, on average, saved 5.4% per meter and an average of 3.4% per meter on their electricity, compared to the best individual price quoted.

Our next basket will be in March 2018 and anyone with an electricity or gas meter with a contract end date between now and September 2019 can take part.

Our gas basket is currently at 9,546,246 kWh and our electricity basket is at 6,174,706 kWh both of which are growing fast.

Power Direct in Action

Whilst checking the latest invoice for a care home, we noticed that they had not been billed for any night rate consumption. Since we knew that the premises had a meter fitted that should identify day and night consumption separately and that our client had been contracted to pay differential day and night rates, we knew this could not be correct.

We contacted the supplier to ask them to investigate the fault. The supplier advised us that it looked as though the meter was configured incorrectly and it needed an engineer to visit the premises to replace the meter.

All the consumption had been charged at day rates when some of the consumption should have been charged at a lower night rate. The client had been overcharged and would continue to be overcharged until the metering issue was corrected. We proceeded to arrange an appropriate time with the client and supplier for the meter to be changed.

The meter was swapped and after obtaining up to date meter readings the supplier advised that the client used on average 81% consumption during the day and 19% during the night. The supplier acknowledged their error and split the consumption 75% (day) - 25% (night) for bills they had already sent. They then credited back the invoices and rebilled.

This generated a refund of £382.96 and going forward the client was not further overcharged.

 Get in Touch

To find out more about our energy buying baskets or for anything else relating to your energy supply, please don’t hesitate to contact Jordan either by phone 01452 347 549 or email