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Recruitment and Retention: How can the Awards Dinner Help?

Competing for staff in a period of relatively low unemployment is never easy and there is general agreement currently that recruiting people into the care sector is challenging. The question we are asking is whether coming to the Awards Dinner will make any difference at all. We believe it does on a number of levels.

One of the easiest ways to be successful at recruiting is not to have to do it! – i.e. by ensuring you hang on to the great people you already have!

One of the most effective ways of keeping hold of your great people is by letting them know that they are valued and that their work is recognized. The annual Awards ceremony is a clear recognition of great work and, even if someone is not themselves recognized, knowing that their colleagues have been can be a great boost and differentiate your organization from those that have not won awards.

Equally, it can support recruitment. Being a Winner is a great differentiator and something you can celebrate from being nominated as a finalist to being named a winner on emails and website. (Winners and finalists are sent special banners that can be added to a website and e-mail signatures). You can also use the event as content on your Facebook pages, internal newsletters, with pictures from the evening.

This has the double advantage of showing potential ‘purchasers’ of your care that you are successful and externally recognized as special; and particularly that people looking to you as a possible organization to work for also see you as special, supportive of and appreciative of their staff.

Wouldn’t we all rather work for a winner?!