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Learning and Inspiration in plentiful supply at the Care Awards dinner

All the Awards Finalists are examples of the best behaviours and practices in the Care Sector locally and the guests at the function on the evening are amongst the most dedicated and supportive, employers and managers.

C&SW Director and leader of our celebrated Registered Managers Network gave us his opinion on why the dinner is special for him and for his care organisation.

So many people working in Social Care work tirelessly to ensure that the people they support or care for receive the very best they can provide … there are so many occasions each and every day where staff should be at home or with their friends and families but instead they stay on or come in to work to give fully and freely of themselves in the service of others.

What I love about the Care Awards is that it is an opportunity for some of these wonderful people to be recognised and celebrated for the work that they do.

What the Awards also do is shine a light on some of the real talent that exists within our sector … to identify if you like its leaders … its movers and shakers.

For me it is one thing to recognise and celebrate a person for their motivations, skills and attributes but the Care Awards also provides us with an opportunity to meet with these people, to work with them and to learn from them and in this way we can promote aspects of what they do more widely and in so doing maybe we can all become a little wiser.