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Is the Awards Dinner Just a Fun Night?

At Care & Support West we really want to make a noise about how fabulous is the work and dedication of thousands of care workers, and what a difference that work makes to the lives of countless people; so for us The Care Awards is how we do that the Gala Dinner is the centrepiece of it all.

Attending the Gala Dinner is a joy; it’s a glitzy night at a prestigious venue where the room is decked out as for a ball; there are magicians; there’s dancing; there’s music. Everyone looks fabulous, ladies in lovely frocks, coiffed, painted and perfumed; gents in their suits; it’s a far cry from the workaday world that is care. People tell us every year:  “It’s a great night, we had so much fun!”

But, is it just about fun? Is it just for the finalists, simply a night of mutual congratulations?

Is there more to it? Are there more subtle benefits of attending the Awards Dinner? We’re taking a brief look at some of the motivational messages that come from being there and being part of the celebrations.

The key underlying message is about motivating staff. There is no doubt whatsoever that motivated employees perform better and deliver significant benefits to the bottom line; the trick is to find the way to keep staff motivated and to find ways to stop them becoming disaffected and demotivated.  In this blog we are looking at Reward and Recognition

The original ‘pay as a motivator’ theory doesn’t really work in the care sector where, squeezed with chronic underfunding, monetary rewards are not a major enticement. (Equally, the traditional ‘stick’ side of the equation doesn’t work because labour is so scarce you can’t afford that negative message.) Essentially the care sector has to focus on the social and psychological motivators, the need for social rewards, being part of a team; the need for self- fulfilment.

Freddie Silver ( talks about the need to reward good behaviours and to reinforce positive attitudes. Connecting the reward to the behaviour in a consistent way and where it is really valued by the employee can have significant short term and long term benefits. Research has shown that recognition and prestige can have great motivating potential so that praise and public acknowledgement of a job well done can work wonders.

The Awards process is ideally placed as a mechanism for this type of reward framework. Embracing the Awards process within the business, identifying great work, and outstanding contributions; nominating employees for awards constitutes motivational behaviour in itself because employees feel recognised, acknowledged and valued.

Further, your employee may not be a finalist, but when you take employees to the dinner you are saying that you value them sufficiently to put your money where your mouth is and take them to the event.  You are also giving that sense of social inclusion within your business team, the employee has the opportunity to see the manager at play, to see a different dimension, contributing further to the ‘social’ reward structure.

In illustration of this Emily Bladen-Wing of Community Therapeutic Services told us:

“The first time we attended the awards ceremony we had one or two nominations but did not win. Regardless of this, the evening had a positive impact on the staff who attended. The buzz of the event became hugely motivational. This led to staff going back to their respective teams and motivating other team members to celebrate their outstanding care practice by nominating colleagues for more awards the following year. We have now been fortunate enough to win on some of these nominations and the awards ceremony has become a fantastic way to celebrate the hard work and innovation of our staff members”.

In another theory about motivation, Scott Thompson ( builds on the premise that people want to do ‘worthwhile’ things at work and will work better with ‘inner motivation’.  The Awards help to foster this sense of inner motivation, attending the event  develops a feeling of being part of something bigger, part of a worthwhile mission to improve the lives of those we care for, part of a bigger group of people all working towards the same end.

Of course, we’re sold on the Awards and think you should all join in and help us to celebrate, but we’re realistic and know that in cash strapped times, it is easy to see only the cost involved. It’s important to look past that and calculate impact on the bottom line of motivated, committed staff.

So, if you haven’t yet got your table or places booked, contact or you can fill in this FORM

Costs and booking administration
Ticket price includes a pre-dinner drinks reception at 6pm, followed by a 3 course meal plus tea and coffee.

  • Standard tickets are £60 per guest or £600 for a table of 10

  • Early Bird (EB) ticket purchase are still available until Sunday 18th for organisations with Finalists. These are £55 per guest or £550 per table of 10

We will invoice you on receipt of your order. We will send the form for you to complete your guest list and their menu choices separately.

Conference 2019: Keynote Speakers from CQC and from NHS Digital

CQC play a mighty role in the life of any regulated care provider, so getting their views is always important and we are delighted to welcome CQC's Sue Burn and April Cole in our opening Keynote slot! 

There are a number of key areas for use of technology in care situations including: Reaching the wider community; Enabling care users to maintain focus and contact, activities and games; Administration and management and Surveillance and tele-care. Between them April Cole and Sue Burn will be talking about how CQC view the use of technology in the these areas, what they see as good practice, how they see technology supporting the caring, management and assessment processes.

They are both well placed; Sue is the Inspections Manager in North Somerset and B&NES, and April is the Regulatory Policy Officer within the CQC Strategy & Intelligence Directorate with a career background that has covered many projects involving technology. The Q&A session will give you opportunities to discuss issues and ask questions.

To close the conference we are looking at information sharing between health and social care with Keith Strahan, Principal Lead in the Social Care Programme at NHS Digital. 

Keith will be addressing how person led, integrated care  can help all organisations focus on what is really important and join up health and social care in the process. While not promising to provide 'victory over all things technical', Keith will also provide updates about information sharing initiatives and highlight some of the opportunities that exist for social care providers.

Keith is well placed to address the conference; with a background as a registered social worker with experience in a range of settings, he understands the care context and also has huge experience of technology led projects. He was the first from Social Care to become a Founding Fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics and in May 2018 was elected to the Faculty's Council. He is also a longstanding member of the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB) representing social care. Keith has been led projects such as the Digital Care and Support Standard, Information Governance and Cyber security, NHSmail for care providers and is currently championing information sharing between health and care.

We also have a record number of stands at the Conference so make sure you arrive in plenty of time to browse and fortify yourself with tea or coffee.

The conference is next week! Make sure you book your place. Book Here  

Also, please note slight change in running order, see below!

We will have to confirm numbers on Monday and will be sending out joining instructions at that point!

See you on the 15th May!

Conference 2019 Workshops: 2, Technology Supporting Logistics

Book the Care Conference Now:

Many organisations are refocusing to put technology at the heart of their strategies because it can help relieve the administrative burden that care providers face and can help them to compete more effectively in the market.

Managing a complex network of stakeholders is one of the biggest problems facing adult social care and it is this area of managing the logistics of staff , clients, suppliers and other stakeholders, that these two workshops address.

Adopting technological solutions can help to integrate systems and stop people working in silos.

And it isn’t just care providers adopting technology to smoothe and facilitate logistics, we are told that many local authorities are using cutting edge technology, often designed to specific needs but quite often just adopting simple digital solutions.

The first workshop, the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Bed Tracker System, presented by Harriet Soderberg demonstrates one example where the local authority is using web based technology to support the process of finding beds for clients with care needs. Adopting a system already in use elsewhere the Bristol and South Gloucestershire project can be implemented relatively quickly and will enable SG care homes to share live bed vacancies. At the same time it enables discharge and brokerage teams to quickly search for vacancies, and there are plans for it to be open to self-funders in future, supporting care provider marketing needs..

Thus at the same time it makes the process of finding a care home placement as easy as possible. and it provides Care Homes with a ‘shop window’ to share available beds as well as other information about the home. It’s free and easy to use, once you have registered, you will be part of a rapidly expanding network of care homes across the country utilising the Capacity Tracker – already more than 6,000 homes are on board.

The workshop will be an opportunity to ask questions about the Capacity Tracker and how it interfaces or compares with other systems in use across the region; you can also learn more about how to register and use the product.

The second workshop, Roster Planning Software, presented by Lee Truman of CarePlanner, looks at examples of technology that integrate processes of managing clients and staff to deliver domiciliary care, such that call scheduling, staff rostering, time sheets and invoicing can all be managed from within one system. Lee will be able to demonstrate how integrated systems such as Care Planner can deliver service process and administrative improvements at reduced cost. Other similar technology is available too as well as technology to support residential settings. You will be able to ask about the costs of this sort of software and implementation issues you would need to consider.

Book Now for 15th May Conference

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Pictures and Comments from the Awards Dinner

The Awards Dinner is a culmination of nearly a year’s work, setting up the nomination process, judging and then organising the event. It is the flagship event for Care & Support West and we hope that it prompts the world outside the care sector to appreciate the very varied work of so many people and that for those working inside the industry it gives a real sense of the value of what they do. See the winners here

Here are some comments from people at the awards; firstly from inside the industry but also a warming insight from a parent of a service user.

The evening was a great celebration of the wonderful and valuable work performed by those within the care industry” Anne Williams, Managing Director of Power Direct (Commercial Partner and Event Sponsor)

We were absolutely thrilled. The ladies had a lovely evening, enjoyed the venue and food” Anne Owen, Managing Director Elite Homecare

What a joy to see so many care staff enjoying a wonderful evening, I felt very privileged to be a part of it.” Lindsey Thomas, Skills for Care

“Just want to say we had a great night last Saturday we all enjoyed the evening and like to add how well organised it all went and was great to win as well” Paul Dwyer, SMILE Independent Living Support

“Just a quick line to thank you for such a fantastic evening.  The night was the best yet.  Everything went so well, the singer was brilliant, the room layout worked and all of our team were so excited to have an actual TV star taking an interest in what they do.”  Sam Hawker Able Care

And here are some heartfelt words from the parent of a service user who had been invited to attend the event by SMILE, their service provider.

It was a wonderful evening. The venue, complimentary drink on arrival and the three course meal they provided was superb. 

There were twenty people from SMILE, most of them support staff at our son's supported living home. Although their category was one of the last to be announced everyone enjoyed listening to the wonderful inspiring stories of the nominees and eventual winners in the earlier categories. When it was 'our turn' I sat with fingers crossed and 'wished' their name to come out first - and it did! Everyone was thrilled, 'yes' came the shout, smiles, hugs and kisses all around before the long walk to the stage to collect their award and a group photo. It was such a wonderful moment for everyone involved - they were so proud of each other and what they had achieved. 

The Care Awards is such a great way for parents such as me to say 'thank you' for all that is done for our loved ones on a day to day basis.” Annie Bell

2018 Care Awards Gala Dinner: Chairman's Review

Len Collacott, Chair of Care & Support West sums up the The Care Awards on 20th October

The cocktail dresses have been put away, the hairdos and make-up have changed back from Awards Dinner to everyday, as have the DJs and lounge suits as its back to the day jobs.

All that left is a trophy for a lucky (albeit well deserved) few and great memories for the rest of us.

It was another magnificent evening. Ashton Gate is becoming quite a venue to host a prestigious event- especially one like ours as, with over 400 attendees, most places can’t fit us in! The venue was good, the food was excellent and how the wine flowed!! If you are going to make the effort to mark the achievements of the industry you need to do it well and we did. Many thanks to David and his team for putting it all together. Rudolph and Laura were brilliant hosts. Rudolph is becoming quite a regular now and is so patient with his fans posing for photographs and stopping for a chat- who would have thought East Enders would be so popular in the West Country?!

Once again this was a night for the ‘doers’ of the industry. Those who put in the tough shifts ta the sharp end, those who are working over Christmas and Banh Holidays, those who work nights and anti-social shifts. Lets stand tall and recognise the sterling work that we do.

I said on the night that whilst everyone has remembered and celebrated the 70 year anniversary of the NHS the Aunt Sally of the sector- social Care has been forgotten. Social Care was formed 70 years ago too in 1948 with the creation of the National Assistance Act. As we move forward it looks like Social Care might just be the saviour of the NHS. We are entering momentous times when our industry is set for great change and hopefully recognition. We won’t be the Aunt Sally for much longer.

For now events like our Care Awards are so important to remind ourselves of what a terrific contribution we make to improve the lives of people who need us. Our care staff are the unsung heroes but the awards night is the time those praises do get sung.

So get ready to dust off the cocktail dresses, the DJs and suits, to get the hair and make up into event mode and lets look forward to doing it all again next year.

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Meaningful Activities Event on 6th September proves very popular

Bearing in mind the space limitations at the Resound Centre, the meeting in September was well received.  Here are a few pictures of the activity providers

Event NewsBarbara Harris

Safeguarding was a popular topic generating excellent attendance at Care & Support West's Open Meeting on 27th January. It was good to see representatives from the Safeguarding teams from Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire in attendance and heartening to know that all four authorities had combined to create the presentation. This reflects the decision to create an overarching policy that is the same across the region and the desire for people to work in partnership to protect the vulnerable adults in their care.

The overarching policy can be found here and links to their websites are as follows: South GlosBristolNorth SomersetBath & North East Somerset

Kate Spreadbury from Bristol delivered the main presentation. Slides can be found on the Member Resources /Notes and Presentations section on the website. The presentation was comprehensive and very helpful.  The key messages were that:

  • The Care Act created legislation to make local authorities accountable: To have a Safeguarding Adults Board that was multi agency and local, to ensure that enquiries are made into concerns, to arrange advocacy and to carry out reviews. The aim was to create a culture of working together
  • Changes in practice were necessary because of changes in definitions around application, different types of abuse and the role of carers. Types of abuse now include self neglect and modern slavery
  • The process is simple: there is a common point of access, a case will be passed to a senior social worker who will establish whether a Section 42 enquiry is required by establishing facts, exploring concerns, assessing perceived and real risk.
  • Making Safeguarding Personal is at the centre of the Care Act
  • Organisational abuse : an enquiry can be triggered when an organisation crosses the threshold of the 'risk  matrix' which is a combination of multiple alerts, general concerns expressed by other professionals, poor CQC assessments, indications around staffing, management and dignity and respect.

Kate, James Wright and Sheila Turner outlined the structures of their respective Safeguarding Adults Boards showing how each of them are organised to maximise local multi agency cooperation. An important message was that would not be issuing leaflets and other collateral and that they urged people to 'Go to th Website' where they could find the appropriate forms and up to date information.

South Glos and Bristol will be hosting a joint conference 'Looking at Quality' on 8th march. It is free to attend.

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The Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Annual Care Awards, organised by Care & Support West have become an essential element in the local care Calendar and a true representation of quality in care.

Following feedback and popular concensus, to make sure the awards truly reflect the breadth of the care landscape there will be 5 new award categories in 2016.

These will be:

  • Excellence in leadership
  • Outstanding volunteer
  • Quality dementia
  • End of life care
  • Outstanding personal contribution to Health & Social Care

CLICK HERE to download more information and nominaton forms

With such an array of the great and good from the care sector present, sponsorship of the Awards Ceremony is an excellent vehicle for promoting your business. You can find out more about how your business can benefit from sponsorship by contacting David Smallacombe on 01373 834 339 or 07860 439 809.

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