Team Motivation: Can the Awards Add Anything?

Words of wisdom from Angela Roberts, Deputy CEO Care & Support West, HR consultant and ex HR Director Milestones Trust, this is our second blog on why team motivation is so important, particularly in the Care Sector.

People love to know that their work is recognized and noticed and in this case, not just their own work but that of their whole team. There’s much research about the motivational benefits of recognizing people’s work and contribution to success. Team work is often a crucial part of delivering quality care and knowing that other people see how well a team is doing can make you feel great- and re-energise you and the team to work even harder, give even more.

 In the care context, the idea of the ‘team’ can embrace also those who are the recipients of care; knowing that you are supported by a team that other people have recognized and given and award to  makes you feel that you are part of something special. I visited a small home supporting people with mental health needs soon after they had won and award and the people who lived there were clear that the award belonged to everyone there!

Care work can be hard, but the load can be lightened by knowing that other people rate what you do, respect and value what you do and have taken the trouble to write a nomination about your work. As a team, this is rewarding and sets you up to carry on that work with renewed purpose and energy. There’s surely no better forum for recognition and celebration of great care work and workers than the Awards Ceremony!

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