Sweet Silent Disco

A local fitness instructor has branched out into therapeutic care, delivering silent disco sessions to dementia patients. Mark Sweeting had the idea to bring the healing power of music to care homes across the region in the form of a silent disco.

Each participant is given a set of headphones to wear, and all types of music, from Elvis to Frank Sinatra with a bit of Taylor Swift thrown in, is played. The effects are apparent immediately, as participants are able to reconnect with fond memories from their past. Using props from feather boas to glow sticks, the whole room soon becomes filled with people dancing, tapping their feet, or swaying along to the sounds they hear.

Mark says: “A silent disco usually invokes images of twenty-somethings raving to hard-core techno at a festival, but now dementia patients are donning the headphones and we’re seeing great success. Patients are reaping huge mental benefits; agitation and frustration are common among those with dementia, but after a session at the silent disco, patients feel far more settled and behavioural issues are reduced for the rest of the day. The concept has been a huge hit with patients and staff.”

Mark has now delivered over 200 silent disco sessions across the South West from Devon to Gloucestershire to South Wales, including at Brunel Care Day Centre, Clevedon. Maddie Norman, Team Leader, said: Everybody really enjoyed themselves, they engaged with the music wonderfully, and all the props that were used made the session so much fun. The staff had a great time too! Music is a wonderful forum to lift the spirits, and Mark delivered the session very well. We’re so looking forward to our next Silent Disco.”

For more information on Silent Discos for dementia patients, or for schools, corporate events and private hire, contact Mark Sweeting on 07412066876 or email mark@sweetresultfitness.co.uk

Barbara Harris