DEFIBRILLATORS: CQC & CAA discussions outcomes

The Care Association Alliance, of which C&SW are members, asked CQC about defibrillators. They asked:

“The placement & use of defibrillators in care homes (with & without nursing). What are the guidelines and are they in sync with the NHS?” You can read their responses below;

 We cover the use of equipment under several different KLOES:

 S2 How are risks to people assessed and their safety monitored and managed so they are supported to stay safe and their freedom is respected? S2.6 How is equipment, which is owned or used by the provider, managed to support people to stay safe?

This prompts providers to check the appropriate equipment is available in order to meet the needs and wishes of people who use the service and that it is checked/serviced when required. We don’t specify what equipment providers must have, although we do expect providers to have the appropriate emergency protocols/procedures in place and these must be clear and transparent. This might be for staff to provide resus (if they are trained and competent to do so) or to call for emergency medical assistance.   


S3 How does the service make sure that there are sufficient numbers of suitable staff to support people to stay safe and meet their needs? And S3.3 Do staff receive effective training in safety systems, processes and practices?

Puts the expectation on providers to ensure staff are trained and competent to use all equipment. This would include a defibrillator should the home decide to have one available.


Under KLOE E2 How does the service make sure that staff have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver effective care and support? Prompt E2.1 Do people have their assessed needs, preferences and choices met by staff with the right qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience?

We expect that staff are clear about their responsibilities regarding equipment, it is used correctly to meet statutory requirements and support people to stay safe and take into account people’s wishes around resus and their consent.