Brunelcare nurses celebrate nurses week, caring for mind body and soul

Nursing teams within the charity Brunelcare have have been inspired by this year’s international nurses week theme: mind body and soul.

 Since 1965 nurses day has been celebrated around the world on 12th May to mark the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth 1920, also recognising the contribution that nurses make to society.  From 6th - 12th May 2019 nurses around the world are celebrating the theme: The Balance of the Mind, Body and Soul.

 At local charity Brunelcare, its nurses were asked how they have been inspired by this year’s nurses week theme and celebration and this is what they said:

 Amanda Cooper (pictured, with Brunelcare senior nursing team and an article about nurse Princess Campbell), Senior Nurse, at Brunelcare’s Orchard Grove Reablement Centre says:

 “We often source new inspiration for our nurse training here at Brunelcare’s Orchard Grove Reablement Centre, where we are helping people back on their feet after hospital stays. Inspiring nurses help motivate us with our learning. This not only motivates us as nurses but also teaches us valuable techniques we can use with those we care for every day. A nurse who used to work at Bristol’s Glenside Hospital is a recent inspiration to us: Princess Campbell was the first Black Nursing sister in Bristol and this was her mindful message:


                      “Use determination and your self-esteem; value yourself

                      and let no one crush you. When you come up against

                      challenges and adversity, don’t run away; stay and fight if

                      you want to change things. Education is a most powerful tool

                      and it opens doors.”


Karolina, Unit Care Leader, at Brunelcare’s Deerhurst care home explains:

 “I have been running Mind, Body & Soul sessions every Thursday afternoon since March this year, for some of those we care for at Deerhurst who show signs of anxiety. One of the objectives of the sessions is to see if these relaxation techniques help reduce the need for medication over time. The sessions include aromatherapy, with massage of feet and hands using specially blended aromatherapy oils, music and touch - we bring in herbs and flowers to touch and smell and a lovely relaxed environment is created in the room. Groups are no more than eight people at a time to ensure maximum benefit for everyone who takes part.”

 And finally, Amanda Hendy, Deputy Manager and Registered Nurse for Brunelcare’s Robinson House care home says:

 “A resident recently required more than just all our tender loving care for his end of life care. To celebrate his birthday we set about organising to have his band, who he had played backing guitar with, to play alongside him here at Robinson House. He was so excited when he heard we were organising this and really put everything into practicing with his band mates for it. Sadly he died a few days before his birthday, but he lived in real hope, giving him the best possible outcome. This definitely met the balance for mind body and soul for this lovely gentleman.”

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Brunelcare nurses, left to right - Austin Mangoba, Johanet Sloan, Amanda Cooper, Francis De Villa.JPG