Conference 2019 Workshops 3: Managing Personalised Care

Can digitisation improve personalised care?

The key to good management is knowledge, the starting point for which is robust information, and without which your chances of good decision making and taking appropriate action are reduced. Similarly, good personalised Care requires detailed knowledge of the person so that every decision and action is precisely tailored to their need.

In general, smaller businesses tend to be less complex and less reliant on data but in the care sector, even small businesses have a data challenge because they have to map data across the complex processes demanded by safeguarding, compliance, mental health provisions, DoLs, audits, assessments…. Even the smallest care business has a complicated data matrix.

So, is technology the answer? Certainly it can help
“Many organisations are refocusing to put technology at the heart of their strategies because it can help ……. reduce the administrative burden that care providers face” (Nick Wilson, MD Public Sector, Health & Care, ADVANCED).

The greatest strength of technology is its’ ability to marshall huge amounts of information and make it available on request, however the crucial word in Wilson’s quote is ‘strategy’. The benefits of digitisation diminish if projects are done piecemeal and not planned as part of a general plan.
"Many companies still use a range of disparate systems... and operate in silos. the simple integration of these systems can provide the kind of operational insight that can help providers" Nick Wilson

Another cause of stress is where projects are badly implemented without thinking through the HR, training and culture aspects. It is so important to communicate well, to explain what's happening, to make sure that staff don't feel threatened, to make sure they are all on board.

At the Conference we will have 2 workshops looking at this area, both of which are firmly setting the technology within the business and human context.

The first by Chris Gledhill of Electronic Mar is looking at the benefits of using digital medications management, how it can reduce the spectre of missed signatures and medications mistakes. Chris will be drawing on real life examples of care providers who have implemented digital MAR and using examples from real CQC assessments.

The second workshop is presented by Luis Zenha Rela, of Nourish Care takes a similar approach, looking at live examples of care providers who have adopted electronic care planning to see how they have achieved benefits and avoided pitfalls.

In both workshops the focus is looking at the resident and what the technology can do to improve their life? They will be looking at how can the care provider improve their service and ultimately how they improve their service ratings. You can join the workshops and ask Luis and Chris about support for implementation, avoiding mistakes, what training is required, how to best communicate your intentions with staff members and other stakeholders.

Come and join us on May 15th at Ashton Gate Football Stadium and take part in this examination of technology in the care sector. Book Here

Barbara Harris