Conference 2019 Workshops: 1, Legality & Compliance

Our Conference focus this year is technology in care, an absolutely critical subject at a time when there is pressure to continually improve performance with less resources. There are many applications available to care providers covering a wide array of processes and subject areas, it’s difficult to know what is out there and it’s difficult to choose what you want or indeed what you need and what will deliver maximum benefit and return on investment.

Whatever technology you decide to adopt, it is important that the organisation is ready to move to digital processes; you need to consider the following questions:

  • Are your staff digitally competent?

  • Is the organisation ‘change management’ competent with a comprehensive project plan and effective project management skills?

  • Does your organisation have the appropriate knowledge of the legal framework underpinning data management, change management and employment law?

The conference helps you to address these questions in smaller workshop sessions giving you the opportunity to listen and ask questions.

One of the Session 2 workshops is by Royds Withy King solicitors James Sage and Nicola Radcliffe. James and Nicola will be looking at the evolution of technology in the care sector from a legal perspective.  The workshop will focus on the future care workforce and the impact of technology on operations, regulation and safeguarding. 

 As at the date of the conference, we may or may not have left the EU.  However, assuming that Brexit, of some sorts, is still the future then the social care workforce crisis will remain a key issue for providers. James will consider whether technology can help tackle the care sector workforce challenges, the employment law and other implications of increased use of technology in care, and how to strike the right balance between the use of technology and the need for human touch. 

 He will also be considering where technology can assist with care work and how tech v touch is being implemented in social and healthcare settings at home and abroad. 

 Nicola will be exploring the interaction between technology and regulation, and what legal issues arise from some of the technological solutions that are emerging in to the health and social care market.  CQC might not be ready for a tech revolution but they expect providers to innovate in order to demonstrate outstanding practice, so how do you manage this in practice and what pitfalls do you need to be aware of?

Another workshop provided by Paul Kaye of QuiqSolutions is looking at the sort of technology available to support the critical processes surrounding compliance and quality assurance processes. Paul will be showing you

  • the technology being used by many commissioners to automate contract monitoring;

  • how technology can help to reduce dramatically the mountains of paper that compliance can generate, as well as provide digital audits and surveys.

  • The workshop will also cover technology to benchmark your service against CQC standards and improve your rating.

We look forward to seeing you on 15th May at Ashton Gate. Come prepared to ask essential questions about support available to you in adopting technology and how best to implement technology projects.

You can reserve your place at the conference here:

Barbara Harris