Important Training from BNSSG CEPN

As part of our aim to support integration of health and social care, C&SW are helping to promote these training course which are aimed at people in the care sector as well as primary care.

The full list of upcoming events can be found here and includes a Nursing Conference which will be of interest to nurses in the sector. This will be on Friday 10th May at the Bristol Golf Club.

BTW, the Domiciliary Care Training has been designed and is being delivered by C&SW member Jane Redman.

Please use the following contact details to find out more or apply to these courses:

Upcoming Events and Programmes:

Please note: unless stated otherwise, our non--attendance isattendance policy is generally to charge if you cancel within three weeks of an event or simply fail to attend.

Domiciliary Care training: This programme will deliver ‘Human Factors’ training, whilst also (re)familiarising home care providers with the SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendations) communication tool. Two more full-day workshops will be held, as follows:
 Wednesday, 27 February at The Batch, 8a Park Road, Warmley, Bristol, BS30 8EB (nearly full).
 Tuesday, 19 March at Locality Health Centre, 68 Lonsdale Av., Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, BS23 3SJ.

End-of-Life Care study days: This multidisciplinary training will teach GPs, nurses, ANPs, paramedics, and other non-medical clinicians from across BNSSG how to respond confidently and competently to patients and families during the end stages of life. Hospices and Helen Eddison, AHSN’s ReSPECT Project Leader will contribute to this course.
Attendees must be able to attend a full-day session on Wednesday, 22 May, and a half-day catch-up ses-sion (the date is being finalised).
Both sessions will be held at: Engineers’ House, Clifton Down, Avon, Bristol, BS6 3NB.

Stroke Prevention and Diabetes Management study day: BNSSG CEPN has organised a Stroke Prevention and Diabetes Management study day, to be held for HCAs on Wednesday, 5 June. This full-day session will help non-registered clinicians to contribute to the treatment and management of these long-term conditions, as opposed to teaching them how to handle them wholly independently.

Falls, Frailty, and Dementia study day: BNSSG CEPN has also arranged for a Falls, Frailty, and Dementia study day, aimed at HCAs and to take place on Wednesday, 17 July. This will aid non-registered clinicians with contributing to the treatment and management of these long-term conditions, rather than teaching them how to address them alone.

Barbara Harris