Compliance with Biocidal Products and Crib5 Fire regulations

New Commercial Partner ‘Select Agencies’ specialise in beds, mattresses. upholstery and cabinets.

They offer exceptional beds that are guaranteed to comply with biocidal regulations and fire regulations as well as offering a very comfortable night’s sleep for the elderly, the infirm, and those with allergies. Their investigations indicate that local companies purchase from local bed retailers, often with an urgent ‘must have delivery today’ scenarios, but products often do not meet the requirements of Crib 5, nor the biocidal regulations.

The key elements of their Staingard & Sanitized range are:

·         Developed by Protected Mattresses & Beds Ltd’, these are unique to the UK market and have taken over two years to develop

·         Each mattress/bed set comes with a 5-year Care Plan/Warranty and a proper cotton ‘Mattressgard’ mattress protector, not a simple piece of cotton fabric purporting to be a mattress protector.

  • Our Staingard treatment provides a ‘bonded’ and permanent treatment preventing staining from materials such as blood, urine, bodily fluids, wine, coffee etc.

  • Our Sanitized treatment (formulation TH 27-24) meets all of the current Biocidal Product Regulations and  is certified by Allergy UK  to prevent

    • Dust Mites and therefore dust mite allergens,

    • Odour and Mould and

    • Effective against E.coli and MRSA and

  • All the Polyester and Natural mattresses/beds come with a Crib 5/Contract fire certificate rating, providing suitability for Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Sheltered Housing and Housing Associations , Retirement Complexes.

 In addition, Select Agencies offer the protection of  Staingard, the UK’s leading stain treatment company with circa 1.8 million UK customers:

·         Should one of your customers have a perceived stain, that they cannot clean with clear water and a cotton cloth they can contact Staingard who will send one of their Homecare technicians to industrially remove any stain.

·         Should the Homecare technician be unable to remove the offending stain, then they will sanction and organise a ‘free’ (same specification) mattress replacement via yourselves and Shakespeare Beds.

 Contact for further information.

Simon Rexworthy FInstSMM

Barbara Harris