Introducing a New Member Blue Sky Enabling

Blue Sky Enabling is a provider of domiciliary support across BANES and Wiltshire. We pride ourselves on providing high quality flexible live-in and person-centered services to adults of all ages living with impairments, mental health issues and/or disabilities. The company is dedicated to ensuring that all of the people that we work with are supported to live their lives in a way that promotes: choice, enjoyment, empowerment and safety.

The Registered Manager, Rachel Eades, has been working with Blue Sky Enabling for 6 years after completing a Psychology Degree in Bath. She has been acting as Registered Manager for nearly a year and in July supported the company to achieve a ‘Good’ CQC rating. Currently studying for her MSc in Health and Social Care, Rachel is excited and passionate about the service Blue Sky Enabling provides and strives for continuous improvement to achieve the highest quality of care possible.

Our Core Values:  

Building Trust, Developing Lives, Empowering People, Inspiring Passion

We believe that ‘Life is for Living’ and by embedding our values in everything we do we aim to assist our service users to remain living in their own homes, engage in activities and maintain relationships in a way that they choose.

So, what is ‘enabling’?

We believe enabling is the only way to provide support that builds on people strengths and never focuses on their disability or the things they are unable to do. Enabling is a way of working alongside people at their own pace, focusing on building people’s capacities, positive experiences and successful outcomes.

How is ‘enabling’ different?

-         Enabling deals with people’s conditions in a way that considers the person as a whole and complete human being.

-         Enabling services do things WITH people rather than FOR them; always encouraging independence and enhancing self-esteem.

-         Enabling see tasks such as cooking, cleaning and personal care as steps toward achieving wider goals such as going to a social group, theatre, shopping or chatting to a friend etc.

How we can help you:

Blue Sky Enabling would offer you or your loved ones the opportunity to live at home rather than going into residential care. Our company focuses on the importance of having a place that feels like home. So as far as possible we concentrate on making your home a livable space again without alterations. By utilizing the skills of our Enablers, you would be helped to ensure all daily activities become fun and enjoyable again.

Whatever your needs are, we have an enabler that will suit the situation.

15 minute visit? No thank you!

Nobody likes to rush through their daily routine. It is for this reason that we offer our support services with a minimum of a 2-hour visit. Our members of staff are there to guide and enable our service users to do things for themselves – even if this takes twice as long. We believe that the sense of independence, achievement and the boost to their self-esteem individuals get from being self-sufficient is much too important to rush a 15-minute visit and not provide this opportunity.  Therefore, where it is safe to do so our service users do things with our enablers, rather than our enablers doing things for our service users.

The right person at the right time:

We take our responsibility to recruit, train, supervise, develop and monitor staff very seriously; our aim is to have happy, passionate and competent staff working with every service user. We keep staff teams small, to include only 2-4 members of staff so that service users always know who to expect at the front door, and each member of staff gets to know their service user’s likes, dislikes and habits well.

Our Management Team ensure that everyone that we employ enters the right job role with the right attitude. We know that to support someone, enable that person, and make it possible for them to enjoy their life to the fullest take’s dedication and hard work. We ensure that all of the staff are on board with strong organisational culture of respect and equality.

Blue Sky Enabling go that extra mile to ensure that our staff have an affinity with the people that they help to support. That they have something in common, that they understand each-other, and can coexist together and grow together to provide the higher quality of support possible.

Barbara Harris