Success of Activities Fair for Dance Therapist

Juliet Binning is a dance therapist who attended the Activities Fair almost by accident! She is pleased she did as it lead to a contract with Ablecare for 2018!

Sam Hawker, director at Ablecare says: "our team who went to the event thought Juliet’s sessions would be good for our homes.  Juliet has done a trial in each of the 6 and as a result we have booked her up for the whole of next year!.

A large number of our residents really enjoy taking part in music and dance sessions.  We already have Music for Health coming in on a weekly basis and the new Dance Therapy sessions with Juliet give another opportunity in our programme to get up and active. 

Overall we have found interactive sessions have been really popular and so next year we will also be having regular Chair Yoga and Percussion Workshops.    We are also working with Making Pals and setting up links with local nurseries so that children will be coming in to visit.  It is a really exciting time for resident activities in our homes at the moment.  We are putting a big investment into them as we believe the results in health and wellbeing are clear to be seen."

Juliet says: "The sessions have been meet with enthusiasm by the residents. They really enjoy the tailored music, the 'football' warm up is especially a hit with the men! They have joined in the warm up and the dancing section of the session really well and with energy! They are definitely having a good workout on a Friday afternoon!
These are some of the comments I have received from my clients/the residents recently at the Ablecare homes, I was very touched,and just love my job!
' you make people smile'
' you bring people out of themselves'
' well I haven't kicked a football in 12 years!'
' I haven't heard this in years,I love this song!'

Several people who often 'don't respond' have been up and dancing to 'mack the knife' by the end of the session & I can hear them singing

It has been a pleasure getting to know the residents and having a chat,exercise and a dance.
The care staff have been great too, joining in and helping within the sessions.

I think the sessions benefit the clients hugely; socially, physically, cognitively, spiritually and emotionally, Dance Movement Therapy and Ablecare fit like a glove! I look forward to each session and what will 'come out' today!?!.. We've already had a 'chorus line'!! It was such fun!

The residents also inspire me and show me 'the moves'!

You can contact Juliet on

Barbara Harris