Healthwatch Report into Care Homes 2017

Healthwatch's 'Enter and View' programme has produced reports on many care homes across the nation and has resulted in the recent "What it's like to live in a care home" report. Download here

Whilst one can speculate on the need for Healthwatch to provide a shadow service to CQC, the report does make for interesting reading and reinforces many of the CQC messages. It also points out that such is the national interest in social care, that it has become Healthwatch's number 2 priority nationally.

The report also serves to pull together a number of initiatives currently in place to support integration, such as the Sustainability and Transformation programmes, 5 year forward view and the 50 'vanguards', Accountable Care Systems, CQC's 12 local area reviews. It also highlights the demographic and resource pressures in the market as well as discussing the CMA study.

Key Themes are:

  • Quality of care
  • The need to solicit and act on feedback read more
  • Integration: All needs, health care and social care should be provided in a joined up way
  • Personalisation: the best services are those that recognise they offer a home not just a place to stay and be looked after, where residents are seen as individuals
  • Technology: Use of technology to drive improvement