Why another 'new' website for C&SW?

It doesn't seem long since we updated and upgraded the C&SW website so why have we done it again? And why does it look almost the same?

The answer is that whilst the design of the site was good, we were looking for more updates and more functionality so that we can respond to members needs and stay as current as possible. Plus many of you told us that you found logging in difficult and could it not be simpler.?

So that is what the new platform gives us:

#   easier logging in to access member resources: more details to follow shortly.

#   better functionality: this should make marketing C&SW better; we can link in with other tools such as Eventbrite and we can have better calendar functions. We can have easier ways to manage the membership directory.

#   more extensive control over content so we can add items more quickly and edit items more quickly because we can do it ourself.

#   more opportunities to offer better services

For now, the content of the original website has been transferred to the new platform.

  • The Membership Directory has been created using a different functionality. Please look at it and come back with comments, (plus if your entry is missing or inaccurate.)
  • We will be working on the logging in process and will come back to you with instructions shortly.
  • We have asked commercial partners for feedback
  • We will be looking at the member resources and streamlining them.

Please come back to us barbara.harris@careandsupportwest.com with comments.