Winash Care Home have introduced a six week activity timetable, where four Nursery Children come to visit for half an hour and participate in small group work with residents.

Week 1: Residents read aloud to them.

Week 2: They all made chocolate crispy cakes.

Week 3: We have made butterflies using paints and hand prints.

There are interesting activities. Our residents are enjoying the time spent with the children; after the children leave we often have a cup of tea and talk about conversations we had.  We find that the experience triggers residents’ memories of times with their own children from years ago.

One topic we talked about was regarding aprons, we all put one on except for myself, as I didn’t quite have enough. One of the nursery children helpfully said “I could nick one!”

Another week they made play dough creatures out of play dough which we made the previous week as an activity. It was a wonderful way to get conversations started where our residents remembered different activities that they had done with their own children and grand children. As well as utilizing several senses in the process.

We have also made pompoms as an activity. These proved a great tool for reminiscinence, as several of our ladies remembered making these during the war years as toys for the children of the time to play with, through a dark period of time. These pompoms will be turned into creatures in the next session when the nursery children come around, using craft items, eyes etc.

Our final date with the children sees the press joining us so we can have our picture in the paper celebrating the connection through the generations.

Anne Ellis - Activity Coordinator at Winash Care Home.

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