Julie Edwards from Rosedale House wanted to share this recent Halloween excitement.


"At Halloween all the residents wanted to take part having scary face paints and listening to spooky music, it was great fun and it was nice to see all our residents enjoying it."

We have improved activities by providing more training for staff to help them understand motivation for people with dementia.

Our philosophy is that anyone can join in and that nobody should be excluded, we feel it is important to celebrate events during the year this has helped residents to remember what they did and some even put forward ideas, it’s a great way to stimulate and motivate people as well has having fun and laughter including staff.

The key is to involve people who use our service. We want to interact with what they wish to be doing as well as setting events which gives residents something to look forward to.

Being happy and involved and having events to look forward to helps to boost residents motivation and interactions as well as ensuring they are happy and content with what we do.

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