Dave from Owl Occasions tells us: Here at Owl Occasions we bring our Owls and Birds of Prey to you!

During a visit to a Care Home I show off the beauty of our birds whilst giving an interesting and informative often two-way talk lasting 1 hour or so, I usually bring between 1 to 3 birds with me for you to see up close and personal!

The visit always stimulates interest, most people love Owls which are the usual birds taken to retirement and Nursing homes. We enjoy showing off our birds while at the same time educating or being educated by the clients (I always regard education as a two-way process) which includes details about the specific bird, its habitat and suggestions as to how we can improve our countryside for these magnificent birds. The format may be called 'Show and Tell type presentation' with input from both clients and staff.


I appreciate some clients are unable to respond directly but their eyes tell a different story, those that are often relate to their younger days when out an about seeing an Owl on a local farm or wild place. As you can see from these pictures at Ablecare

I try where possible to give the clients the opportunity to get up close and personal (even hold our owls) and have their photograph taken by the care staff to treasure for ever. 

As a retired Intensive Care Charge Nurse and Army officer, I see the value of bringing our owls to visit you. I have frequently been told that the clients talked about the visit for weeks afterwards. This is a great way to stimulate them in what to some is a closed environment. It is not only the clients that enjoy our visit the care staff themselves are as interested in the birds as everyone else.

I look forward to home visits to create an entertaining and educational visit for the clients and staff alike. I have numerous revisits on an annual basis and am often remembered by the clients and staff as the ‘Owl Man’ a term which is often used by children when I go on school visits.

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