With an election looming, Brexit isn't the only issue on which it's important to have a voice and make yourself heard. It's time to speak up loud and clear about crisis in social care.

King's Fund Policy Fellow, Patrick Hall has a blog expressing optimism following the latest budget because of the increased attention given to social care and the increased funding.

Hall points out however that "Real progress on rebalancing the health and care system toward community and integrating care in people's own homes requires political and systems leadership, not short term fixes"

The chances of that progress are diminished in an environment of uncertainty and diverted attention caused by the snap election announcement, however it does give the opportunity for players in the sector to continue to lobby hard for better systems and better funding.

David Smallacombe, CEO of Care & Support West says "General Elections provide for us all an opportunity to give messages to our local MP’s about the work and the sector in which we are engaged.

"Make sure you use this chance to underline the serious state of social care (lots will make the point for healthcare) ---- please emphasise the parlous state of our sector loudly and proudly in order to drown out what others may say.

"Speak vociferously about how vulnerable people (old and young) are being put at risk and call the MP’s to account for the decimation of local authority budgets they and their civil servants are creating.  

"Teresa may then get the point!!"

Vic Rayner Chief Executive of the Care Forum also comments about the election, the potential negative effect of the period of Purdah on social care and the counterbalancing opportunities the election offers. Read her blog here

On a specific issue, if you are particularly concerned about the effect of MLW on sleepins, read this letter from Mik Alban and consider filling in the blanks and sending to your MP.