John Bennett, CEO at regional charity Cintre talks about how they have invested significantly in technological solutions during the last three years as part of its major overhaul of processes and systems. 

Wi-Fi and Adaptive Technology:

All service users at its locations have their own WiFi system and access to adaptive technology as required. Cintre predominantly works with service users who are of the tech generation with tablets and smartphones in abundance. Investment in technology now forms part of the person centred approach.

On-Line Surveys and Reporting from Care2Improve

Other tech investments include web based and on line customer satisfaction surveys of service users, families, professionals and its own staff through the Care2Improve package. This has been operating for over two years and has been very successful in independently assessing the quality of service delivery and benchmarking the charitable activities.

Bio Metric Log-In

The introduction of bio-metric (finger print) logging in and out of all staff at all of its locations to provide real time data for management and payroll, web based real time quality control systems for its policies and recently the inclusion of CCTV in one of its supported living services. The latter to be rolled out across all locations in 2017.

On-Line Data Access

The charity trustees have also been subject to the major investment with all governance and board data now accessed directly on line from the trustees own web-based secure area available whenever and wherever they want.

Meeting Local Authority Needs

Local authorities and similar agencies are moving to a variety of software and web based solutions for monitoring and commissioning and it is a sign of the inevitable future for the sector which has been traditionally beset with paper driven systems that often prove difficult to scrutinise or difficult to obtain up to date data for more speedy information based decisions.