Care Provider Alliance Report.

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Encouraging engagement between Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships and the adult social care sector

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Our recommendations to support this aim are as follows:

1.    For the leaders of all sectors to recognise and promote the interdependence and equal status of the health and adult social sectors, and for adult social care to be at the table as an equal partner.

2.    For STPs that don’t have established arrangements for engagement with the adult social care sector to:

Ø  Complete or commission a quick overview of the adult social care sector in their area, looking at the scale of provision and identifying any provider forums or associations.

Ø  Consider the options for engagement suggested in this report.

3.    For STPs that do have established arrangements for engagement with the adult social care sector, to review them in discussion with their partners in the light of the points raised by this report.

4.    For all STPs, to hold a discussion at an STP Board meeting about engagement with the adult social care sector; and, by March 2018, to share information on their website or otherwise about how they are taking engagement with the sector forward.

5.    For adult social care providers and organisations:

Ø  If not already aware of and informed about STPs, to start by visiting

Ø  To take time to understand how the way the NHS works is changing and, in particular, the role of STPs.

Ø  To have a look the STP plan for their area, and at who leads it.

Ø  To be willing to engage positively, constructively and openly on behalf of the sector.


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