Gabrielle Sheard:

"Hi i’m Gabrielle Sheard. I was nominated for Care home front line worker which i then won at the Care and Support West awards!

When i was told i was nominated i did not believe them i was so shocked. They then told me that i will be attending the Care and Support West awards that were being held at Bath Racecourse i was even more shocked and i was also excited as i have never attended an awards ceremony before.

When i arrived at Bath Racecourse it was great to see that so many people were up for nominations. It made me very proud to be a nominee. We sat down and had a lovely meal and i just kept looking around and thinking oh my gosh there are so many people here i definitely won’t win there were so many people who has had so much more experience then i have as i am only 20.

 It came to 9pm and the winners were going to be announced. My category was the first to be called. Our names and pictures were displayed on the screen and my name was called i looked back and i had a big cheer from my colleagues which made my nerves settle. My name was then called that i was the winner. I was so shocked i shot up out of my seat and i looked around the room and everyone was smiling and clapping. While i was walking up to the stage i was hearing what some of the residents have said about me. One of them said “she sits and listens to me” and another one said “She acts with great sensitivity and provides reassurance”. I remember smiling and thinking that that is what being a carer is listening to people and to providing them with reassurance. I love my job and i love the people that i care for they inspire me and i won my award for them. I love them so much they are like my family.

I have recently put on a couple of shows with my mum who works with me and to see the residents get involved and to see them get involved and to see them singing along with us and to see there faces light up my job is truly an awarding job! Making a difference to peoples lives by just talking with them, reassuring them and by making them smile it makes my job a pleasure to go to everyday.

By winning this award it has given me confidence to know i am doing my job properly and i am making a difference to people lives. I know i can achieve much more then i already have. It was overwhelming to be nominated but to win was a phenomenal feeling so thank you to Care and Support West for having these awards because it gives people who are doing a phenomenal job a chance to be noticed and to achieve something that they never thought they could achieve. Thank you Care and Support West it was a fantastic evening and to those who are nominated for next years awards Good luck and keep doing the amazing job you are doing as it is greatly appreciated which you will see at the awards!"

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