Leonie Purvis of Care England has written to Care and Support West to seek your involvement and support in this important research. Her letter is below, here is the link to the short survey

I am writing to advise you of a piece of work underway regarding Registered Nurse Verification of Expected Death (VoED). We recognise that any competent adult can recognise that a person has died, but verification of the fact of death is a formal process, that means the person can be safely moved from the place of death to the mortuary or funeral directors.  The verification of the fact of death can happen separately to the issuing of the Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death (MCCD). 

 We have become aware of concerns from a range of care settings, most notablyin the community, that there are ‘delays’ in verifying the fact of death at home (including Nursing and Residential Homes) causing unnecessary distress to grieving families and delays in the transfer of the deceased from the place of death.

 We are in the process of surveying a range of professionals and care providers to ascertain their experience – highlight good practice, and any concerns /issues they are dealing with to ensure   timely verification of death , dignified care after death for the deceased and support of the family.  Our aim is to produce a free electronic resource which will provide guidance and practical training material which will assist with carrying out registered nurse verification of expected death regardless of setting .

 We would very much welcome hearing from you and your colleagues to inform this work and therefore invite you to complete a short Survey. The closing date will beJUNE 17th

 Thank you very much for your time and input . We will delighted to send you a link to the product which hopefully will be ready by the beginning of the autumn