We are now in our 3rd year of running our Registered Manager’s Networks in Bath and Bristol and two of the surrounding areas. We have built up a healthy interest over time and currently have close to 150 people signed up from 70 different organisations across our four networks.   

At each session we try and create an atmosphere which is fun, informative and where people can learn from each other. Sessions provide managers with the opportunity to take time out from their day job and to spend it with other people from different organisations who share many of their experiences and understand the challenges they face.

Each session has a focus topic, chosen in consultation with the participants and equally relevant to all Registered Managers whatever type of service they are working in. Our last topic was Leadership and culture setting.

 This session was designed to get people thinking and talking about:

  • the role of your vision and values and how to make these work for you
  • factors which motivate and demotivate staff and which of these are you able to influence
  • key qualities of leadership and how might you assess and develop these within yourself
  • the building blocks of a positive workplace culture and how you can create this
  • when is team building useful and what exercises can work well.

Collectively managers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the sessions. Making the session interactive helps people get to know each other and to benefit from each other’s thoughts and ideas.  Across all four of the networks, managers were really clear that the peer support element of the sessions is something they really value. We are currently looking at extending the peer support potential of the networks by establishing a virtual network. We are looking at using Ryver ( to do this which is a free team communication tool.    

 Our next round of sessions will focus on the Mental Capacity Act, obtaining consent and determining Best Interests. Again there will be lots of opportunity for group discussion but this time the session will be structured around the areas CQC highlight that providers most struggle with. We will identify what these are and then look at what needs to be in place in order for providers to be compliant.

 We certificate each session so that it can contribute to people’s CPD.    

If you want more information, please contact Mik Alban (coordinator of RMN’s for Bath, Bristol, North Somerset and South Glos)