The celebration Day held by Cintre at the Create Centre was a great success and was a true celebration of the work that Cintre does and the people they work with. CEO of Cintre John Bennett said

cintre gallery

cintre gallery

“This is a great opportunity for Cintre to come together and share success. We are expanding services and our reach and it is very important for us to meet up together” said John Bennett CEO of Cintre. “It is humbling to see the great work that goes on everyday and hear of individual successes. It makes us all very proud”.

Photographs of the event can be found on their Facebook and Twitter pages

The photography was supplied by an in-house talent. Liam Charlton, a young upcoming photographer in Bristol is supported by Cintre's Reachout service. If you like what you see, then his business name is TINTIN photography and his website is

The film ‘Bobby’s story’ was showcased at the event and can be watched on our YouTube channel, through this link. ‘Bobby’s story’ is about Bobby who is a service user at Severnoaks, one of Cintre’s residential services. It shows how he is progressing towards independence in the community with the help of Cintre.

The second film ‘Reachout’ can be watched through this link. This is a celebration film which collects various voices across the Reachout service, from service users to staff team reflecting on achievements from the past year. 

That the day was appreciated, is clear from in the following quotes from attendees 

 “ I enjoyed coming to the event to meet new people”.   

“I enjoyed being able to meet support staff and learn more about Cintre”.

“The artwork and videos was most enjoyable”.