Have your say on local community based services to help people stay happy, healthy and at home

South Gloucestershire Council wants to hear people’s views on our future plans for home care and for 1:1 support to access the community.

We currently commission around 16,000 hours of this type of support per week. The number of people needing support is increasing and despite having a large number of independent providers accredited to the council, we sometimes have difficulty finding providers who have the capacity to support new clients.

The contracts between the council and the current support providers expire at the end of January 2018.  The council wanted to explore whether there was a different way of buying the support that would be better for the residents of South Gloucestershire, for providers and for the council.  We have looked at how other councils buy their services and we have been working with providers, service users, social care professionals and Clinical Commissioning Group colleagues to develop a new model.  We now have a proposal for a different way to organise support and we want to hear everyone’s views on it to make sure that we take everything into account before finalising it. 

If you have experience of, or an interest in, home care for older people and people with dementia, reablement or Continuing Health Care (CHC) services, look out for the consultation document from 5 October 2016 and have your say by 5 January 2017. Go to www.southglos.gov.uk/consultations, email consultation@southglos.gov.uk or call 01454 868195 for more details.