We have almost completed the first round of Registered Managers Network sessions for the Networks held in B&NES, Bristol, North Somerset and South Glos. These sessions were an opportunity to look at Leadership and culture setting and focused on creating your vision and values, factors that motivate and demotivate staff, key leadership qualities, how to establish a positive workplace culture and developing exercises to help team building. 

The sessions have been well received and an accompanying resource will be made available to Network participants as well as a PowerPoint presentation which would enable them to carry out this session in their own services.

We are having to make a modest charge of £56 per year but we are keen to grow the Networks and encourage as many managers to attend as possible. There are some distinct benefits to providers. It enables their managers to get out of the workplace and to network with managers from other organisations in a safe, relaxed and positive space. People tell us that the peer group support is something they really value about these sessions.

In addition each Network has a focus topic which is chosen because of its relevance to Registered Managers and the fact that it is something ‘they want to talk about’. It is a great and cost effective way to invest in the Continued Professional Development of managers. All participants will be provided with a certificate of attendance for each session.

Whether it is networking with other organisations in your community or investing in people’s Continuous Professional Development, these are both things that CQC are looking to see.

The future sessions for the 4 local Networks are:

If you are interested in signing up as a participant to one of these Networks or would like to find out more then please contact Mik Alban on 07788 498909