Finalists & Winners “Stories” 2018 Awards Event


Front line Workers

1.    Activity Coordinator

Wayne Lawn and Sally O’Doherty (St Monica Trust) Wayne and Sally have used a number of innovative and creative methods and tools to improve the lives of the residents at the Russets and Sherwood. They are an integral part of the team and their emphatic; supportive and fun nature has been of benefit to several residents.

 Val Goddard (Meadowcare) Val received three nominations which mention her helpful nature and having a ready smile for everyone. Val is able to provide reassurance when necessary and has been called “Miss enthusiasm” because of her ability to help others and build positive relationships with colleagues, service users and family members alike.

Scott Hopkinson (Cintre) Scott empowers clients to help themselves. He enabled individuals to develop their own peer-support group which has led to outcomes of less paid support and greater self-worth. He created innovative and diverse schemes which increased individuals’ sense of value. He actively seeks to improve his knowledge in order to help others.

2.     Ancillary Worker

Helen Whitemore (Marston Care) Helen has a very inclusive approach to catering, seeking residents’ menu feedback and encouraging people to try new things and get involved in cooking. She helps organise and run local events, promoting the home, and ensures residents are involved in these days out- even pushing one round in the local hospice Colour Run.

 Karen Holley (Meadowcare) Karen’s wealth of experience in customer service is now helping her to make a real difference as Home Administrator- she treats everyone with respect, earning her the role of Dignity Champion and is a positive role model for all the team in personal and service development.

 Osbourne Court Kitchen Assistant Team (Windmill Care) This is a special team who pull together and totally commit to providing their residents and colleagues with the highest standard of service. Their attitude and effectiveness is felt across the home.

3.    Apprentice

Alex Follett (AbleCare) Alex is described as being dedicated to her role, giving 110% to every resident. She has shown that she will go the extra mile for individuals and has grown in confidence since starting her job. Alex shows great understanding of personalised care and is a credit to the apprenticeship scheme.

 Amelia Brooks (AbleCare) Amelia has a warm and loving nature that is appreciated greatly by families and residents within the home. Named as “one in a million”, she has grown into a wonderful young carer.

 Rebecca Howden (Marston Care) Becky shows a positive attitude and is always interested in developing new skills by working closely with senior members of staff. Becky has developed her care skills theoretically through NVQ as well as practically. She is the dignity champion and is a strong advocate for the people she works with.

4.    Care Home Front Line Worker

Ellie Holloway (AbleCare) Nominated by a client, her manager and the entire staff team, Ellie is a fabulous member of staff who always says the residents are her life. Very observant of people’s needs and moods, she is hardworking, good with all the residents and helps everyone and anyone. A shining example of an excellent care worker.

 Laura Witts (Freeways) Highly motivated, respected by all her colleagues and service users, Laura was instrumental in setting up North Somerset Community Hub. She listens to the views of others and ensures these are shared, is fun to work with and never stops. She helped raise £1700 towards Clevedon House’s garden and activities.

 Amber Torr (Milestones Trust) Amber is dynamic, inspirational and utterly dedicated to her person-centred work, building excellent relationships with the people she supports. She is an excellent role model, building trust with one resident in particular showing remarkable patience and empathy. She is highly respected by her colleagues.

 Osbourne Court Night Team (Windmill Care) Night care workers are the unsung heroes of care. They work with people when they are often at their most vulnerable and anxious. This team clearly does this with great sensitivity and expertise, working with professionals externally to benefit residents. They are a well-respected integral part of the whole Osborne Court team.


5.    Care Trainer

Remi Makulec (Milestones Trust) Remi is a passionate and determined trainer. He has developed and led a dynamic team of individuals who provide moving and handling training for staff. His innovative nature and dedication to research, alongside the input of his team, has culminated in a guide to moving and handling that was published in 2016.

 Alan Nuthall (Milestones Trust) Alan is an exceptional trainer who has been instrumental in establishing a culture of least restrictive practice trust-wide. Alan is patient, persistent and passionate about people he supports, staff and service users alike. He is incredibly conscientious and highly regarded. Fully committed to personal development and teaching others, with evidence of transforming lives of individuals.

 Paul Thomas (Community Therapeutic Services) Paul’s breadth of knowledge is vast and he has applied it to exceptional development of managers, alongside his other roles. He has supported the gathering and application of Management Information to ensure personal and professional development to enhance the organisation’s training offering as well as the quality of service delivery.


6.    Day Services Front Line Worker.

Laura Mariner (Cintre) Laura showed excellence in personalised care. Her flexible approach ensured she met the mental health needs of an individual she was supporting, leading to tangible outcomes that improved self-esteem. Laura shows a good understanding of what is required, how much and when, in sensitive circumstances.

 Phil Scales (Brunelcare) Phil was nominated for his hard work and dedication for supporting people with Dementia. Phil often refers to himself as a “yes man” which reflects his approachability and the fact he always has a smile on his face to brighten up your day.

 Westbury Fields Day Service (St Monica Trust) The team are dedicated to providing a person-centred care. Their approach that “everything they do is an opportunity to engage members in a meaningful way” is clear in some of the activities they have facilitated. They have shown strength in developing environments and improving wellbeing for their members.


7.    Front Line Nurse

Jocelyn Caballero (Brunelcare) Jocelyn has made a significant contribution to achieving an Outstanding rating, leading by example with her focus on person-centred working, being passionate about delivering top quality clinical and emotional support for residents. She is liked and respected by colleagues, residents and families alike.

 Buba Touray (Brunelcare) Buba is respected and valued for his exceptional clinical knowledge and skills, demonstrated in achieving the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care. He has built excellent relationships with families and visitors who report that nothing is too much trouble for him.

 Tracy Cox (Community Therapeutic Services) Tracy clearly shows exceptional dedication and commitment to the Sector. Her desire to improve the lives of people living with Learning Difficulties is evident, plus her commitment to raising the profile and rights of people with a learning Difficulty within the wider sector. Tracy is a credit to the Nursing profession. 

8.    Domiciliary Care Front Line Worker

Louise Stokes (Care South Bath) Louise always puts others before herself. Once when we came across an emergency, Louise acted with such competence and compassion, kept the family updated, waited for the District Nurses and made sure the person had company and the pain relief they needed to pass with dignity

Suresh Singh (Care First) Suresh’s broad perspective and deep understanding of care, both in terms of what it means to be a care worker and in terms of what Service Users need, have made him and ideal Care Co-ordinator, and his quiet efficiency and reliability make him a real pillar of the organisation.

 David Calley (WayAhead Care) David often metaphorically “goes the extra mile” but in the snow of March 2018 he literally did this by walking around between 6:45 and 15:00 to see his group of service users to make sure they got their proper support. He is described by the people he supports and their families as “thoughtful, kind, caring and attentive to detail”.

 Susan Gilmore (Elite Home Care) Susan is clearly has a special gift in supporting others; her commitment to clients’ needs, welfare and wellbeing is remarkable. She demonstrates every attribute needed to make an amazing front line worker and someone who any support agency or client should feel privileged to have in their team.


9.    Supported Living Front Line Worker & Personal Assistant (PA)

Lauren Palmer (Dimensions) Lauren is new in role, showing great commitment and dedication to the job in a short time. Lauren has gone the extra mile on many occasions, showing sensitivity and maturity beyond her years in understanding the people she supports’ likes and needs; liked by the people she supports and a credit to the team. 

Jane Coombes (Freeways) Jane is a credit to the social care sector. She has shown extreme dedication and commitment to ensuring people have the best outcomes, no matter how difficult it can be. By thinking outside the box and challenging misconceptions of people with learning Difficulties, has improved the lives of people greatly. 

 Personal Assistant Nicola Clement – Her devotion to care for all three Service Users who nominated her is remarkable, alongside her always going even further than the extra mile. She is unfailingly cheerful and exceptionally supportive, ensuring those she supports, and their families, can always rely on her calm professionalism.


10.  Volunteer

Clive Illes (Brunelcare) Clive has devoted 30-40 hours weekly working as a volunteer at Deerhurst Nursing Home for two decades. His reliability and punctuality are absolute; he’s even there on Easter and Christmas Day. He performs a myriad of tasks, is a focal point for staff, visitors and residents- is appreciated so much.

 Alison Webber (Cintre) Ali goes way beyond the expectation of a voluntary Trustee. She not only supports and brings expertise to the Board, she mentors managers and enthuses staff. The impact she has had on Cintre and the individuals we support is incredibly significant and we are enormously grateful to the time she gives. 

 Jan Seamer (Community Therapeutic Services) Jan is a remarkable woman; a passionate advocate for people with learning disabilities and complex needs, in her retirement, she continues to play an active role in her son’s care. She is an advocate and helps create, train and support his staff team, is always available for him and is a valuable expert by experience for CTS.

 Registered Managers

1.    Care Home

Debbie Vowles (Manor Community) Debbie has made a profound difference to the lives of many people with LD or mental health issues. She has also made a real impact in her profession, through her long-standing work in leading Registered Manager Networks. Few people get one Outstanding service- Debbie is truly exceptional in achieving two.

 Rebecca Jeffries (Community Therapeutic Services) To take any service to Outstanding is special. Turning around a service in difficulties, shaping and leading a team to take the service to the highest level is the mark of an exceptional leader. Combining this with a passion for excellence and a commitment to supporting and developing her team are truly worthy of note.

 Hayley Dench (Community Therapeutic Services) Hayley is a truly exceptional manager. She has won praise from Service users, from staff, from colleagues and a range of stakeholders. She has not only turned a service around, she has made it excellent. Hayley is a true role model for the whole sector.

 2.    Supported Living Manager

Ange Lock (Freeways) Ange is clearly an exceptional manager who knows not only how to get the best out of her staff, but also how to encourage them towards continuous improvement. This goes hand in hand with great Service User experience- no wonder it’s being recognised with new services.

 Suzanne Creed (Milestone Trust) Suzanne has demonstrated the very best of what care can do and the difference it can make to people’s lives. Without her, a Service User would be living a very different kind of life: she has led her team in extremely difficult circumstances and can be very proud of her work.


Specialist Care

1.    Dementia & End of Life Care

Highfield House has been nominated for the dedication of staff to providing excellent standards of end of life care, their sensitive approach to providing the right support for each person as they reach the end of their lives, their commitment and dedication to residents, and for the level of ownership of care during overlaps with health services.

 Rosedale House has achieved a transformational change to its service through strong leadership and commitment and extensive training and support to staff and is now offering a home to people with dementia that is really making a difference to people’s quality of life.

 The Dementia Wellbeing Team at Deerhurst ensures that residents in the home have the best quality of life possible through their creative and compassionate approach and through their unstinting commitment and passion for looking after the emotional and social well-being of those who live there.

2.    Learning Disability & Mental Health Care

Amy Gordon (Milestones Trust) Amy has been nominated for developing the service user involvement role for the Trust in so many different ways, for embedding the principles within the service, for her creativity and innovation and for her tireless commitment to ensuring service users are empowered to have a voice that ultimately improves their lives and wellbeing.

 Carly Smith (Manor Community) Carly has been nominated for her expertise in the care of people with mental health and behavioural problems, for her commitment to service users and her clear focus on their needs and what will work for them, plus her dedication to the service and those it supports.

Ellenborough Court (Community Therapeutic Services) is a specialist home for people with Learning Disabilities that achieves really impressive outcomes for individuals through the enthusiastic support and exceptional care of the staff team. The team provide exceptional support for one another which translates into effectively promoting the very best for the people they support.


Organisation of the Year

1.    Domiciliary Care Organisation

Access your Care (AYC) Alongside domiciliary care, AYC provides a wide array of services including emergency response services, overnight care, end of life care, reablement, domestic and shopping services and key safe installations. A client at the end of their life was discharged from hospital to an unsafe property. AYC liaised with a number of professionals to resolve the problems so they could spend the rest of their life at home.

 Elite Homecare listen to staff if they have any concerns and work with them to decide the best way forward together. Families of the individuals Elite support describe them as ' the very best of the best'. From the top to the frontline Elite Homecare persevere through challenging times and never give up.

 CherishAble Care go out of their way to meet the needs of their service users. In the bad snow the staff and management team still provided an excellent service to service users despite having no road-worthy vehicles- they were determined and hired 4 x 4 vehicles to get to the service users


2.    Learning Disability Home

Ridgeway House is a small independent home where the culture is enormously supportive and family orientated. Staff, and often their families, are completely involved in the welfare of their long-term residents. Management work hard to maintain contact with families; staff and residents work as a team to develop meaningful initiatives.

Mulberry House is a small unit within Milestones Trust. The nomination talks about the lengths to which staff go to support their residents focussing on significant improvements in health outcomes. Reversing a negative sleep pattern for one client and preparing another for an upcoming cataract operation are indicative examples given.

 Bridgwater Court (Community Therapeutic Services) staff members are described as having had a transformative impact on the lives of their clients with acute learning difficulties and mental health issues. The dedication and commitment enable clients to achieve degrees of independence and to have more fulfilling lives.


3.    Nursing Home

Robinson House (Brunelcare) It is clear that Robinson House are passionate about the needs of their End of Life clients, having achieved a 'Commended' status in the Gold Standards Framework. Staff demonstrate dedication to their residents and they make a positive contribution to their lives and also to the lives of their families

 Meadowcare Nursing Home received 3 separate nominations from resident family members. Whilst not couched in ‘care speak’ their words resounded with the quality of care and humanity they had met at Meadowcare, both for their loved one and for themselves, and with admiration for the dedication of the staff.


4.    Residential Home

Highfield House is a small, independent organisation where the commitment to staff and quality of care appears exemplary. There is clear evidence of good practice around personalisation, community activity, staff management and training. Other professionals and family members all testify to the quality of care and to positive health outcomes

 Rosedale Care Home is a smaller organisation, committed to quality care. The owner has made a significant investment in training based on her belief in her manager indicating an extraordinary culture, exemplified by this quote: "seeing our residents smile and laugh .... is the best feeling in the world …. knowing we have made a difference”

 Frenchay House (AbleCare) is part of a small group of care homes.  They provided evidence of innovative approaches to activities, environment and community involvement, based on sound research. They emphasised the importance of high calibre staff and providing training and support. Their Pathway 3 beds help people to avoid hospital stays


5.    Supported Living Organisation

SMILE Independent Living Support knows that the knowledge and experience of staff make the challenging transition from family homes to their new home extremely successful. This has led to individuals showing increased independence and great improvements in communication when going out to placements and activities, together with taking a full part in the running of the household with their new housemates.

 The Kelly House Outreach Team (Supported Independence) show a sensitivity, ease and good humour, and most of all are able to clearly recognise how to impart salient information and essential reassurance.  The staff work hard to develop mutual understanding, trust and comfort, this substantially helps the process of providing the necessary care and support.


6.    Employer of the Year

Ann Rogers (owner Rosedale Care Home) Ann has worked hard to create a loving family environment, where staff, residents, professionals, visitors and family members can immediately hear, feel and see the family attachment. She always focuses on what makes her staff and the people that live there happy, she would always go at least the extra mile.

Philippa and Stephen Biddlecombe (Highfield House Care Home) have been committed to helping young people develop within their roles at Highfield House and many have gone on to have successful nursing careers. The loyalty of their staff team reflects how they provide unequivocal support to each and every staff member professionally and personally.

Nurseline Healthcare (Owner Trevor Mapondera) has a passion for innovation and ethical integrity, with an approach which they call “making it personal” with the ethos that if they look after their staff and clinicians, their staff will then look after their clients and patients. They also have a social networking site, ‘Yammer’, making agency nursing less isolating.

 Outstanding Contribution to Health and Social Care

Tracey Cox of Community Therapeutic Services

 This is a leader that staff want to follow, showing compassion, empathy and passion.

They view their tireless efforts as ‘just doing the job’ and they seek no recognition, their satisfaction coms from knowing that they have done their best for those they support.

The person nominating them said the nominee makes life better for me and my family

 These are EXAMPLES of things that the nominee does to illustrate this

She is a passionate advocate for service users and their families, going above and beyond to support others. She takes the time to get to know each individual and their family and has maintained these relationships over long periods of time, acting as the consistent person in many peoples’ lives. She has remained friends with individuals and their families over many years, through her changing roles, often providing support to them outside of her paid working hours, as nothing is too much trouble for her, particularly if someone needs her help.

She supports service users to advocate for themselves, or if needed, will advocate on their behalf, or help them to access advocacy services. She has supported service users to make complaints where their access to general services and opportunities has not met their needs.

She confidently challenges prejudices and preconceptions, enabling the wider community to understand and support people who have additional and complex needs.

She identifies discriminatory practice, and helps other organisations or agencies to understand that, not only they are limiting the opportunities for people with learning disabilities, but helps them to find ways to be more inclusive.

She has developed and delivered training to other agencies (GP surgeries, Mental Health Services, Criminal Justice Services, etc) to develop the skills and confidence of staff in mainstream services, to provide reasonable adjustments to people with learning disabilities.

During work within the NHS, she developed the an Intensive Response Team within the Community supporting people at times of crisis for them, and their families or carers.

Within the restructure of learning disability services in NHS Mental Health Services, she was part of the development of a Learning Disabilities Intensive Team, which supported individuals who had been admitted to acute mainstream mental health wards, carrying out comprehensive assessments and ensuring that reasonable adjustments were being made, and providing advice or training to the staff supporting them. This also involved capturing the story of each person and their family, so that they did not have to retell the story, every time a new service became involved in their lives.

She supported individuals who were placed in hospitals out of area. This involved regular visits and attendance at meetings to ensure that throughout their admission, discharge plans were identified and being worked towards, so that people could return home as soon as possible and be closer to their friends and family again. She maintained regular contact with them and their placement, keeping families and carers updated on progress.

Since joining the team at Community Therapeutic Services, she has used their training, experience, knowledge and networks to develop positive links between services, to achieve the best outcomes for people with learning disabilities.

Tracy provides supervision to groups of staff and individual staff members, in a positive and constructive way, supporting others to challenge and develop their own practice and to be the best that they can be, and to do the best that they can for the people they support.

Her knowledge and experience of the Positive Behaviour Management approach in working with people whose behaviour, when distressed, can challenge services, enables her to help others to ensure that each person to be supported in the way that is best for them, helping them to lead the life that they want, in the least restrictive way.

Where they have complex needs and an intensive support package, she supports them and their support staff to identify any, and all, restrictive practices (high staff support levels, opportunities that are limited by risk, etc) and to identify what the next step is to promote positive and safe risk taking to maximise choice and independence.

She uses her expertise and knowledge to ensure that the individual, their family and those supporting them, are involved in developing their support plans and that these are detailed and clear to ensure consistency, so that each person supported in the way that works best for them.

She has developed diverse networks, and uses these to champion the needs of service users, and to share her expertise to improve services and share good practice at numerous events run by Skills for Care, BILD, etc..

Tracey was part of the set-up of the Avon and Wiltshire Positive Behaviour Support Network, and is an active member of the steering group, organising free monthly events to share best practice and promote inter-agency and interdisciplinary working.