Outstanding Contribution to Health & Social Care: Tracy Cox

Tracey Cox of Community Therapeutic Services


This is a leader that staff want to follow, showing compassion, empathy and passion.

They view their tireless efforts as ‘just doing the job’ and they seek no recognition, their satisfaction coms from knowing that they have done their best for those they support.

The person nominating them said the nominee makes life better for me and my family


These are EXAMPLES of things that the nominee does to illustrate this

She is a passionate advocate for service users and their families, going above and beyond to support others. She takes the time to get to know each individual and their family and has maintained these relationships over long periods of time, acting as the consistent person in many peoples’ lives. She has remained friends with individuals and their families over many years, through her changing roles, often providing support to them outside of her paid working hours, as nothing is too much trouble for her, particularly if someone needs her help.

She supports service users to advocate for themselves, or if needed, will advocate on their behalf, or help them to access advocacy services. She has supported service users to make complaints where their access to general services and opportunities has not met their needs.

She confidently challenges prejudices and preconceptions, enabling the wider community to understand and support people who have additional and complex needs.

She identifies discriminatory practice, and helps other organisations or agencies to understand that, not only they are limiting the opportunities for people with learning disabilities, but helps them to find ways to be more inclusive.

She has developed and delivered training to other agencies (GP surgeries, Mental Health Services, Criminal Justice Services, etc) to develop the skills and confidence of staff in mainstream services, to provide reasonable adjustments to people with learning disabilities.

During work within the NHS, she developed the an Intensive Response Team within the Community supporting people at times of crisis for them, and their families or carers.

Within the restructure of learning disability services in NHS Mental Health Services, she was part of the development of a Learning Disabilities Intensive Team, which supported individuals who had been admitted to acute mainstream mental health wards, carrying out comprehensive assessments and ensuring that reasonable adjustments were being made, and providing advice or training to the staff supporting them. This also involved capturing the story of each person and their family, so that they did not have to retell the story, every time a new service became involved in their lives.

She supported individuals who were placed in hospitals out of area. This involved regular visits and attendance at meetings to ensure that throughout their admission, discharge plans were identified and being worked towards, so that people could return home as soon as possible and be closer to their friends and family again. She maintained regular contact with them and their placement, keeping families and carers updated on progress.

Since joining the team at Community Therapeutic Services, she has used their training, experience, knowledge and networks to develop positive links between services, to achieve the best outcomes for people with learning disabilities.

Tracy provides supervision to groups of staff and individual staff members, in a positive and constructive way, supporting others to challenge and develop their own practice and to be the best that they can be, and to do the best that they can for the people they support.

Her knowledge and experience of the Positive Behaviour Management approach in working with people whose behaviour, when distressed, can challenge services, enables her to help others to ensure that each person to be supported in the way that is best for them, helping them to lead the life that they want, in the least restrictive way.

Where they have complex needs and an intensive support package, she supports them and their support staff to identify any, and all, restrictive practices (high staff support levels, opportunities that are limited by risk, etc) and to identify what the next step is to promote positive and safe risk taking to maximise choice and independence.

She uses her expertise and knowledge to ensure that the individual, their family and those supporting them, are involved in developing their support plans and that these are detailed and clear to ensure consistency, so that each person supported in the way that works best for them.

She has developed diverse networks, and uses these to champion the needs of service users, and to share her expertise to improve services and share good practice at numerous events run by Skills for Care, BILD, etc..

Tracey was part of the set-up of the Avon and Wiltshire Positive Behaviour Support Network, and is an active member of the steering group, organising free monthly events to share best practice and promote interagency and interdisciplinary working.


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